Ladies and gentlemen, where do we start?

Wait, how ‘bout we start at the shenanigans played on us last week when the show failed to reveal the fact Dr. Bones gave Joe a fake idol at Tribal Council AND THEY DIDN’T TELL US! Did you happen to see my tweet from the other day?

.@survivorcbs I call Shenanigans! Why didn't we hear about the fake idol that Dr. Mike gave to Joe? #Survivor fans want to know the truth… These screengrabs show Joe before the vote, and during the vote at #tribalcouncil What's in his hand, Jeff?

— Bryan Fischer (@BF_TheFish) November 29, 2017

You can clearly see Joe has nothing in his hand (taken during questioning) and then abracadabra, he’s holding something red in his hand (a freeze-frame during the voting period).

To be fair, I’m not the one who discovered this. I saw a tweet by someone who mentioned it, but I can’t remember where I saw it. And if you … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! And what do we all do at the dinner table? We state what we’re thankful for. I’m thankful for:

-my beautiful son -a supportive family -a good attorney -Reality Steve -my fatty liver -and my faithful readers 🙂

So, what are you thankful for…?

The Thanksgiving column is always a special one because I never know…

-when I’ll finish it -when it’ll be posted -when it’ll be read

…based on the fact this holiday – and being with family – is more important than a silly little reality show (but we all know we like Survivor more than our families, right?). Thinking ahead, I know I’ll use the excuse the Survivor finale is the same night as my mom’s birthday this year, which is why I won’t be attending her birthday dinner at Coco’s on December 20th…

Yes, it’s time we all start thinking about the finale, and who’ll be there, and which of these boring mother**kers (sorry, mom!) will achieve the title of Sole Survivor. Somehow, none of these castaways seem … Continue reading

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It’s Battle Royale, kiddies, and if you haven’t seen the 2000 Japanese cult classic, pause Survivor right now and go check it out. And from last week’s tease, tonight’s episode looks to be a cult classic of its own as all hell is breaking lose underneath the tribal flag. Can’t wait to see how Cole explains his actions tonight.

We know he’s pissed because he has to play with “Little Cole” by himself now that Jessica is gone, and no one wants to touch themselves when they’re this filthy. On second thought, maybe Fairplay would…

Okay, who’s anxious to get straight to Survivor? I know I am because I’m surprisingly sober.

What? Fish? You…?

Yeah, it turns out Fish made a catastrophic mistake and purchased a bottle of – get this – Whipped Cream flavored vodka. F**k you, Pinnacle…! Yes, it’s my fault because I failed to look at the bottle when I grabbed it off the bottom shelf, but what the hell what it doing where the normal Pinnacle usually is?

What does it … Continue reading

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