Once again, my friends, we’ve reached the penultimate episode, and what an appropriate word since there’s a urologist this season. Should we then call it the peen-ultimate episode? Not sure that’s as funny as I think, so let’s just say it’s the second-to-last episode and move on. There’s already been way too many dick jokes about Dr. Mike, and I’m having trouble finding new ways to work Viagra and boners into my recaps…

Lots to get to tonight since we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty, and you know the show is going to amp up the drama. Happens every season. I’m guessing we’re in for a good episode tonight, because the last thing a show wants is a boring episode in the penis-ultimate one…

In case you saw the comment I made on last week’s episode, I posted a link to where you can see who the cast is for next season. I’m not gonna mention the theme because I know some of you may want to find that out while watching the Reunion show, … Continue reading

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Hey folks, how was your week? So, I’m not sure I wanna admit this, but I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you think that’s because it’s only an hour long – TBH, that’s part of it – but it’s more that I’m growing fonder of this season.

Yes, my pretties, the Fish is converting back to being a fan. And I’m sure we all want to enjoy Survivor again. That said, I’m gonna drop that little hint I found out about next season, but I won’t be spoiling anything. Okay, ready? SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT.

Season 36 will be called Ghost Island. I don’t know anything else about the theme or the location, but I’m guessing they’re going back to Fiji. The only other thing I can offer is a list of the players, in case you wanna do your own research and start creating your own “Survivor Player Collage/Masturbation Aide.” I guess those Survivor buffs you bought from the CBS Store will finally come in handy…

Ghost Island sure … Continue reading

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Ladies and gentlemen, where do we start?

Wait, how ‘bout we start at the shenanigans played on us last week when the show failed to reveal the fact Dr. Bones gave Joe a fake idol at Tribal Council AND THEY DIDN’T TELL US! Did you happen to see my tweet from the other day?

.@survivorcbs I call Shenanigans! Why didn't we hear about the fake idol that Dr. Mike gave to Joe? #Survivor fans want to know the truth… These screengrabs show Joe before the vote, and during the vote at #tribalcouncil What's in his hand, Jeff?

— Bryan Fischer (@BF_TheFish) November 29, 2017

You can clearly see Joe has nothing in his hand (taken during questioning) and then abracadabra, he’s holding something red in his hand (a freeze-frame during the voting period).

To be fair, I’m not the one who discovered this. I saw a tweet by someone who mentioned it, but I can’t remember where I saw it. And if you … Continue reading

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