Apologies for the delay in bringing you this column, but it’s been an interesting week.

We made it.

The finale. The final episode of one of the best seasons ever. I know that’s debatable, but I think most everyone agrees this has been one hell of a ride. Cast your thoughts back to April when we were exposed to this wonderful little idea of bringing some of the most popular Survivor players back for a Second Chance. You got to admit, the show did a great job of promoting the concept, the players, and the belief this would be OUR season. The fans. The people who make it all possible.

Yet, the game is not about us, it’s about them: the players. And while many times we’re recognized for being part of the process, I’m just not sure if the players fully grasp that concept. Maybe I’m wrong, but when Tash argued last week that Abi should go home because “we owe it to the fans to not take a goat with us,” that’s the … Continue reading

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Super excited to be bringing you tonight’s column for a number of reasons. May I share?

One, it’s Survivor, and I’m always in a good mood on Wednesday nights.

Two, wifey brought home a bottle of Grey Goose for me (and Magic Mike on Blu-Ray for her and locked me out of the bedroom) so I’m free to write the recap…

And three, and most importantly, I think I’m going to the Survivor finale! Shhhh….don’t tell anyone.

I don’t want to jinx it so I’m not going to say any more. As mentioned, I’ve worked in Hollywood for a spell and know how things can go, so I’m not 100% certain I’ll be able to attend. But, considering how I got screwed last season, I definitely think I’m owed a night out…

And of course the wife doesn’t do Survivor, so it looks like I’ve got a “+1” to fill! Hmmm…I wonder if Corinne is free that night…?

That’ll definitely never happen – for more reasons than we have time for here – so I … Continue reading

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The home stretch of Survivor: Second Chance is rapidly approaching as there are only 2 episodes left before the epic 2-hour finale. I’m still holding on I’ll be able to attend the event, but that’s only if certain things align and certain people come through as promised. We’ll see.

Tonight, we have a regular old 60 minute episode, and according to Jeff Probst, it’s going to be amazeballs. We’ll take his word on it. This season HAS been one of the more memorable ones – certainly better than the last 3 seasons – but it got me thinking. It takes a lot to be a superfan of Survivor. You have to watch the shows (duh). Check out the Ponderosa videos (some good insight there). Read a few exit interviews to see what the booted player was thinking when they got their fanny handed to them (maybe one or two). And if you’re das Überfan, you might even drop some comments, tweets, vote for the Hall of Fame, check in on forums, or even host a … Continue reading

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