Tonight’s theme is “The Trade,” for obvious reasons. It could end up being THE pivotal event of the season; we just don’t know what the trade will be. I saw Dalton Ross was asking on Twitter what everyone thinks will be the trade, and you know he’s probably got some inside information, but I don’t think it’ll be a simple, “Here’s the rice, we’re doing a Tribal RIGHT NOW.”

As I replied to Dalton (yes, I am THAT pathetic a Survivor fan!) I don’t think it’s fair to have Hunahpu go to Tribal, because that only punishes the weakest/least aligned/least popular person on the tribe. The whole point of the tribe eating all that rice is that THE WHOLE TRIBE ate all that rice. And it’s not even the “new” Hunahpu’s who f**ked up, It’s the original tribe that ate like slovenly pigs. Hell, I’d like to see some crazy twist where Jeff brings back all the original Hunahpu members (“get your ass over here Jon, Keith and Missy) and do a challenge, do a … Continue reading

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“Drop your buffs” is the theme of the week, since we all know it’s coming tonight. Those 3 words can either be the best or worst things a player wants to hear, depending on their standing in the game. If you’re in a strong alliance in good standing (Jeremy, Jon, Wes, Alec, Josh) it’s the worst; but if you’re on your last leg (Dale, Julie, Jaclyn, Keith, Natalie) it’s exactly what you want to hear to provide a new footing in the game.

I don’t want to compare the tribe swap to other reality show twists, because I don’t like to compare Survivor to anything, but my feeling on the tribe swap is it’s the most unfair thing that Survivor does. You take players who are cruising along, having built up solid alliances in the first 10 days of the game, and you throw them this curve ball that only John Rocker could appreciate (see what I did, there?).

I can only wonder how many players’ games were totally ruined by it. My memory … Continue reading

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What a crazy week it’s been, huh? Ebola is taking over the nation, people are actually talking about Major League Soccer, NPH is hosting the Oscars, and the Royals are in the World Series?! WTF? But none of that matters right now because there’s only one thing on our minds; and that is Survivor. Let’s get right to it…

As the tribes continue to eliminate the dross, I think we all need to start thinking about who has the best chances of making the merge and going deep in the game. Of course, the game is always turned on its head when the tribe swap occurs (remember how that screwed Sarah last season?) and do you recall how the tribal switch spelled doom for both Kat and Vytas on Blood vs. Water 1, so you know things will get a bit more interesting in the coming weeks.

Yet, that’s all just a precursor to the merge, which is when the show really takes off. And assuming that’ll happen with about 10 players left, that means … Continue reading

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