First things first, congrats to the Chicago Cubs for winning a post-season game! I guess all it took was keeping Steve Bartman away from Pittsburgh and it was a lock. Well, that and Jake Arrieta… Dude’s a monster. And I presume this will make Mr. Scott Ottersen happy, and it’s always good to see my compatriots with a smile on their face. Not sure who Mr. Carbone is rooting for this post-season (who he bet on?) but let’s hope he’s rooting for a Dodger win on Friday. Can we snap the Kershaw postseason jinx?! And why is he pitching before Greinke? And is Puig gonna play? Too many questions, just gonna say that if the Dodgers win, Fish would be happy, and that’s what we need right now.

And just for the record, Fish is back to drinking vodka. Woo-Hoo! Toss all those expectations of sophisticated drinking with me out the window. You’re lucky we’re not drinking some crap American beer. Allow me the unpleasant joy of drinking my Burnett’s and Dragon Juice. Mmmm….it’s … Continue reading

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Alright, kids, let’s eeeaasse back into the swing of a regular night of Survivor, shall we? Last week’s high drama, where we saw the beginning of Bitch Fest ’15 (Abi vs. Peih-Gee), the initial stages of psychotic meltdown with the “other” Fish (Fishbach), and we said goodbye to our old pal Vytas (boy, was I wrong on that one!). However, I was not privy to “ButtJunk-Gate” (his underwear) before I made my prediction, so I will respectfully say that I was lacking in the proper amount of information to make an accurate prediction.

In reading a few interviews he conducted in the past week, he made it clear he didn’t intend to go on the show and be “the yoga guy,” he was just responding to Shirin having a sore back and wanting to help her out. Too bad his “hidden immunity idol” was too creepy (or lovely?) for Abi and Shirin to deal with, so they obviously had to do the next thing and get rid of “little Vytas.”

Damn, these girls came to … Continue reading

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“Toooniiiiiiight, I’m gonna have myself a real good time… I feel aliiii-hiii-hiii-hiiive… and the woooooooorld…turning inside out…yeah… I’m floating around…in ecstasy…”

Okay, stop me now, because I am floating around in ecstasy over tonight’s season premiere of Survivor. I’m beginning to have fantasies of Freddie Mercury standing behind me trying to smash his crotch against my neck. And why am I having this fantasy, uh, I mean, nightmare? Well, it must be because we’re about to start another season of Survivor! And it’s not just ANOTHER season, from everything I’ve seen and heard so far, THIS is going to be the season to end all seasons! Who’s excited with me!?

Am who am I, you’re asking? It’s your old pal, Fish. Bryan Fischer ready and willing to sling a little snark for another season of Survivor. And all alliteration aside, if you haven’t been here before, let me give you a little taste of what you’re in for this season…

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