Who’s ready for a 3-hour block of Survivor! Who wants to see how this rollercoaster of a season turns out? Who wants to place the final, lame, broken, dysfunctional piece of the Season 29 puzzle to rest? Am I being unfair? Too harsh? Too blinded by all the mistakes this group of players have committed? Maybe. But you know you want to get this one over with and move on to what is sure to be an amazing season…Season 30!

I guess you’ve figured out I couldn’t score any tickets to the finale. I tried, I really did. I even tried to score some seat filler tickets. THAT would have been interesting. The guy trashing (and defending!) the show at the finale, hiding behind other geeks who think this is the greatest night of their life. And wouldn’t it be grand if Jeff Probst read MY question at the finale. The one I asked him on Twitter about whether Missy grounded Baylor for all that crap she said about her mom and her choices of … Continue reading

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After last week’s double episode, tonight’s recap should be a walk in the park. Get a good night’s sleep, review all the Twitter action I’m missing, watch some follow up interviews with the newly departed… That’s the plan, right?

Or do you think they’ll pull a fast one and actually give us a really good episode? That would be fine too. With all the chatter about how bad this season has been, it’d be great to have an epic episode that just rekindles our love for the game. However, I’m not holding my breath on that. For some reason, I still believe we’re in store for a lackluster Final Tribal with players who will probably validate this season as one of the worst. I hate saying that, but what else can go wrong? They can’t blindside another strong player, can they?

Off topic, I read a column today about how the show cracked down on players’ social media footprint during the season, and THAT’S why it’s so bad. The point was that fans can’t … Continue reading

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Hello again, my friends, and welcome to a double-shot of Survivor! I know, I know, you’re thinking it’ll be like watching 2 hours of paint drying, right? And why 2 episodes? Did the producers realize they need 2 whole episodes to get the drama, gameplay, and brilliant decisions of a regular episode? Are all the good players gone so we need to see THAT MANY MORE bad moves?

Am I being too harsh? Am I justified? I can’t say which because I HAVEN’T WATCHED THE DAMN THING YET, but it’ll be interesting to see what I say about it at 2am when I’m still writing this recap, that’s for damn sure!

Okay, maybe it’s just a scheduling thing. With the Christmas holiday coming up, they don’t want to air the finale on Christmas Eve, so I understand you gotta squeeze 2 in tonight. Hey, I get it. And we’re all the benefactors of tonight’s big double episode. Just don’t ask me what those dark circles under my eyes are tomorrow as I’m dropping off my … Continue reading

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