What a crazy week it’s been, huh? Ebola is taking over the nation, people are actually talking about Major League Soccer, NPH is hosting the Oscars, and the Royals are in the World Series?! WTF? But none of that matters right now because there’s only one thing on our minds; and that is Survivor. Let’s get right to it…

As the tribes continue to eliminate the dross, I think we all need to start thinking about who has the best chances of making the merge and going deep in the game. Of course, the game is always turned on its head when the tribe swap occurs (remember how that screwed Sarah last season?) and do you recall how the tribal switch spelled doom for both Kat and Vytas on Blood vs. Water 1, so you know things will get a bit more interesting in the coming weeks.

Yet, that’s all just a precursor to the merge, which is when the show really takes off. And assuming that’ll happen with about 10 players left, that means … Continue reading

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Cue up Twisted Sister’s “I Wanna Rock” and let’s get this show on the road! With an episode entitled “Actions vs. Accusations,” you know there’s going to be a lot of Rocker in this one. Even the promos told us that. In everything I saw this week, Rocker’s past is the hot topic (or is being exposed to those who don’t know him) and it looks like everyone’s trying to get him to scramble. Little do they know our boy John is holding a hidden immunity idol, so I wouldn’t think he’s going home this week, right?

Recalling my pre-season projections, I didn’t think he had a snowball’s chance in hell – or should I say, a Rocker’s chance in Harlem – to win this game, or even make the merge for that matter, but at least we’ll get some drama this season. Looking up and down the cast, I’m not seeing where else it may come from. So you begin to wonder if the show is lobbying to keep certain players around as a … Continue reading

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My mind is spinning because I’m trying to guess what’s going to happen tonight. Will Natalie get emotional when she sees Nadiya is gone? (guaranteed) Is Rocker going to find out that Julie is snuggling up to someone else? (I heard a rumor) Is Wes going to quit the show? (Damn you, Twitter!) And is anyone going to figure out what those markings on the well mean and discover a hidden immunity idol? (probably tonight)

Per my routine, I tuned off Twitter at 5pm tonight, lest I see any spoiling tweets from fans back east. Plus, I saw that Probst was going to be live tweeting, so I really wanted to stay away. I like to watch my Survivor unfettered, so each twist and turn is revealed to me like a new flavor to Violet Beauregarde.

But I did see that Probst is tweeting for fans to send in their applications and videos, so it looks like they’re either casting for Season 30, or quite possibly Season 31, since there are rumors that Season 30 … Continue reading

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