“Tito, get me a tissue…”

That’s right, folks, it looks like we’re in for an emotional night. The HUGE Loved Ones visit is tonight, and everyone’s guessing just who in the hell will be devastated when Adam steals their Reward. He is going to steal the Reward, right?

To be fair, it’s almost not right to call it an “advantage,” since it really packs more of a negative impact than a positive one, if you consider the target that it’ll put on his back. Let’s see how he figures that one out (at least he’s not screaming anymore).

But first, massive thanks for all the wonderful comments sent in this week. THAT is the interaction I’ve been craving since season 31, having skipped last season and this season’s mailbag being relatively quiet. Props to those of you who do write in often – Rick, Kate, Erica – and a warm welcome to the new commenters. If you haven’t already, please register through WordPress so you can send in a comment. Don’t worry, it won’t bite… … Continue reading

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It’s Thanksgiving weekend and I hope everyone has something to be thankful for. If you’re reading this, that means at least you have internet, and probably cable – or at least a television – so I’m sure all of you have something to celebrate.

Who knows when you’re reading this because not only is it a 2-hour episode, which means it’ll take me longer to write, but it also means I don’t know when it’ll be posted, and then when will it be read…?

All those questions are meaningless right now, because I have to focus on one hell of a big night of Survivor, and just how in the hell will my liver be able to take drinking 2 bottles of wine as I write this? Thank god for spellcheck cuz my liver can’t spell for s**t…

Let’s get right to it (and forgive me if I gloss over some scenes) we have a lot to cover and I still need to buy dessert for tomorrow…

Previously on…Survivor!

-3 idols are floating around, held … Continue reading

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On tonight’s episode of “Gypsys, Tramps, and Thieves” we get to find out what the repercussions are for canoodling on a reality show. Glad you dialed in!

Typically I don’t watch the Ponderosa videos before I write my recaps, because I prefer a fresh, unfettered take on each week’s episode. **Spoiler Alert** This week, however, I really wanted to see what Taylor would do with/to Michelle when he got there, because we all know he’s had blue balls for a while now. And despite her virginal appeal, I think Taylor’s just the kind of bad boy to turn her around. And we all know he likes forbidden fruit…

Most of you already know of my prurient tendencies, so I’m not going to hide it, but since the chances of Spicoli hooking up with Stacy Hamilton were “bookoo” low, I’m not holding my breath.

But I approach each Ponderosa video the same way. There’s the usual…

“I’m so bummed” “How much weight did I lose?” “How will I be received at Ponderosa?” “Let’s eat/have a beer!” … Continue reading

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