SURVIVOR: WC vs BC vs NC – 4/15/15

8:00pm, Wednesday night, you know what that means….!

It means my son just asked me to do something that’ll take about 15 minutes, hold on…

8:20pm, Wednesday night, you know what that means…!

Time to disengage from the real world and plug in to our secret world…Survivor, Ring Around The Collar. And while I’m still trying to “get the stain out” from last week’s episode, I’m excited for tonight’s. Although, with the possibility of Jenn throwing in the towel, I’m not super thrilled, but that’s gotta be a misdirect, right? Fish is now climbing down from the ledge and climbing back inside.

So, I read a comment today from one of my more avid posters. In it, she was kind of down on how “bored” some of us claim to be with the past few seasons. I wanted to reply to her here, because I don’t want any of you to get the feeling that I’m down on Survivor. It’s really the opposite. While I may be down on the players chosen to compete, the … Continue reading

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SURVIVOR: WC vs BC vs NC – 4/8/15

OMG, there is so much to get to tonight; I don’t even know where to start. March Madness? The Masters? Tonight’s recap? Heck no, all that has to wait, because there are other things to discuss first. Let’s dive right in…

First off, I just want to say a big thank you for all your comments, emails and tweets. Last week was the busiest in the four seasons I’ve been doing this so I want you all to know how much I appreciate your support, banter, and compliments. It’s great to see that some of you are enjoying these recaps, and I’m thrilled you’re laughing along with me (and hopefully not “at me”). It’s no small thing to be a part of a small group in the Survivorverse, even if it’s just us on this little island throwing coconuts and banana peels at the fools over on the big island!

I feel like I owe you something tonight because last week’s felt like such a rush job. Being out of town, on someone else’s computer, … Continue reading

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SURVIVOR: WC vs BC vs NC – 4/1/15

Hello campers, and welcome back for another dosage of Survivor Fish Oil. This week, I’m going to keep it a little lean as I’m with my family in Vegas, on Spring Break, and let’s just say that some people are not happy I’m taking a whole night to devote to Survivor. “Is that show still on TV?” I keep getting asked. Simpletons. But while no one in my house could give a rat’s ass about Survivor, I’m here for you guys, and I’m not backing down. Even if it means I’m not getting “lucky” tonight. As Robert Duvall once said,

“Family don’t surf…!”

Needless to say, this will be a relatively short column, but be assured I still aspire to leave you in stitches, Survivor gameplay contemplation, and referencing Wikipedia for a couple, “What the f**k he mean by THAT?!” We’ll see. I’m also using someone else’s pooter, so who knows what else might be off…

That said, let’s dive in and see which one of these supposed future All-Stars is packing it in tonight. … Continue reading

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