Hello! A lot to get to this week with the recap, the next release of names in the rankings of players, and the item I mentioned last week about a concept for Season 30. Before we delve into all of that, I wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone who’s been commenting, following me, favorite-ing my tweets, and sending emails. I’ve noticed a lot more action this week on Twitter, for which I’m very grateful. Michael Skupin was nice enough to send a couple tweets, which I think is pretty cool. Long way to go to be considered “relevant” by any means, but everyone’s got to start somewhere. I’m sure even Hemingway only had 4 or 5 followers on Twitter at some point…

I’ve watched a lot of television this past week with the Masters, American Idol, SNL, The Amazing Race, and a few new shows I’ve been trying to get into. I’m giving “Turn” a shot since it fills the “Walking Dead” void, and it seems to hit the spot. You gotta love … Continue reading

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Who’s excited for another episode of Survivor?! I know I am! I’m beginning to get the feeling this season is evolving into a really good one, not necessarily Top 5 caliber, but with the twists, blindsides and idols, things have gotten pretty gooooood in season 28. I say that it’s not Top 5 caliber, because the whole Brains/Brawn/Beauty theme seems to have gone out the window. At least when it was Heroes vs. Villains, we were reminded who was a Hero or a Villain constantly. Now, it’s just Aparri or Solana, so that’s why it’s just a Top 10 season in my book…

Right off the top I’d like to say thanks to those of you who’ve sent comments, emails, and favorited (is that a word?) my tweets. I simply cannot do this without your help, so I want everyone to know how appreciative I am of the support. Frankly, I can’t do this if no one’s reading, so please show a little love and comment/email/retweet as much as possible…especially when it comes to Bryan’s … Continue reading

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Must remember to get off Twitter before 5pm on the west coast else my night may be spoiled by all the east coast viewers and their damn tweets. I know, it’s my fault, but seriously, as a viewer, who tweets DURING a show? Who doesn’t DVR so they can speed through all the commercials? Who doesn’t pour a stiff one and escape to an island in the Philippines for an hour a week to watch some jag-offs play a game we all want to play? And who am I kidding? I just need to go off the grid until I finish writing this…

So once again, due to an accidental reading of a tweet (from Spencer!) I’m now aware that SOMETHING MONUMENTAL is happening at Tribal tonight. I get it, that’s the job of the show (but players too?) to lure me into the episode, but I’d be just as happy to watch the whole damn thing without any hints of what’s happening to whom… It’s kind of like when you see a movie and … Continue reading

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