SURVIVOR: WC vs BC vs NC – 3/25/15

Even though it’s a normal night of Survivor, I am actually pleased it’s just a one-hour episode. Those double episodes are a killer! Sure, we’d all like to see as much Survivor as possible, but trust me, when you have to recap ‘til 2am, you begin to appreciate the “little things.” For some of you, that may be a slo-motion montage of dudes running on the beach without a shirt on. Others may prefer a tightly contested challenge. Shirin might wanna watch animals fornicating in a tree. Me? I’ll take a well crafted episode, some commendable gameplay, a funny scene or two…and a few good boob shots. Call me crass…

But before we get to the show, I just wanna go over a couple quick things.

1. There’s really not much else to write about other than March Madness this week. It’s still the greatest annual tournament (the Olympics and World Cup soccer trump it, of course), but for a once a year occurrence, there’s really no other comparison. Say what you want about pro … Continue reading

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SURVIVOR: WC vs BC vs NC – 3/18/15

Wednesday night and we’re blessed with another 2-hour block of Survivor. As a fan, I love these nights. We get 2 Tribal Councils, 2 eliminations, 2 more pieces of the puzzle solved. And I hear tonight is the tribe swap, so we’ve reached the next phase of the game.

As you know, this is when the game really begins. Because if you thought things were bleak before (I’m talking to you, No Collars!) this is when the tide can suddenly shift in your favor, and reaching Final Tribal may suddenly become a possibility. We saw it on BBB when the Brains went from bottom of the barrel to the top of the heap in a moment, with both Spencer and Tash benefitting from the swap. No, it didn’t get them to the final, but it did put them in a position where the final became a possibility. I wonder who’s going to benefit tonight, since there’s a lot of people sitting comfortably right now.

Here’s how I see players’ standings in the game:

Sitting Comfortably:Continue reading

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SURVIVOR: WC vs BC vs NC – 3/11/15

Here we are again, with another episode of, Survivor: Season 30, heretofore known as, Survivor: Pulling Our Chains. Because really, are any of you looking at this cast as being “the most impressive one ever assembled,” as we were promised? Hell, no! I’m starting to feel like Jeff doesn’t have our best interests in mind and he only wants to lure us in just to increase those advertising dollars… He wouldn’t do that, would he…?

However, I get it. No, really. I do. You gotta be a good showman. Well then can you show up once in a while in the episodes?! Not just at one challenge and then Tribal. We need to get our Probst Groove on a little bit more than that. Okay? Thank you…

Backtracking a bit, I want to apologize for the tardiness of last week’s column. Yes, I know you think it had something to do with my birthday, and being hung over, or waking up in a Tijuana jail, or getting a quickie marriage in Vegas… But the truth … Continue reading

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