Here we are. The finale. We’ve been waiting for this night ever since the tease at last year’s reunion show. All those months waiting and wondering how Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty was going play out, and then watching, aghast at every crazy twist that unfolded. We cringed at the stupid decisions made on Day 1, idol clues revealed a “Sophie’s Choice,” alliances formed, people snapped, and tribes almost disintegrated. There was talk of throwing challenges, near fisticuffs, stolen clues, and a mysterious new idol with “special powers” unseen in this game.

We witnessed Tony’s antics. The honest cop, who started telling lies on Day 1, and finding idols. He made proclamations of playing dirty, and eventually formed his “CopsRUs” alliance with Sarah. His paranoia was evident from the start, with his eavesdropping, swearing on family members, and not one, but two “SpyShacks.” And I’m sure at some point in the game, most of us thought his gameplay would come back to bite him in the ass…

Then there was Spencer and his perceived superiority, … Continue reading

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Hello again, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the penultimate episode of “Brainiacs vs. Biceps vs. Boob Jobs.” Holy crap, it’s been a long time since I’ve used that phrase. I think the show decided to move away from using the “BvsBvsB” attributions since those labels were clearly erased weeks ago. What has it been since then? Methinks “Boneheads vs. BALD-Faced liars vs. Beefcake/Boobs” is a tad more a propos

Nice to see the Twittersphere is still super pumped on this season, with many calling it “one of the best seasons ever.” Jeff Probst continues to tweet about that, which says something because he doesn’t ALWAYS do that. And if you haven’t noticed, there seems to be a bit of a feud developing between Tony and Russell Hantz over Tony’s gameplay. Many have been comparing him to Russell, who obviously doesn’t take kindly to being compared to ANYONE. The man’s a trailblazer! There’s been some amusing back and forth between them, which is either a harmless little spat between two dominant players (in their respective … Continue reading

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Another Wednesday, another endless wait until 5pm so I can “excuse” myself from Twitter and pass those final 3 hours until Survivor begins. Hallelujah! It’s 8pm and once again I’m thrust into the world of Probst The Magic Dragon…

I’ve been impressed with the almost cult-like following of the show this season. True, I wasn’t on Twitter last season, so maybe the tidal wave of tweets that every Wednesday brings is the same each season, but I’m really amazed by the positive vibes Season 28 is getting. I understand the show has fans, but in season’s past, I’ve seen many of those fans’ comments, and they weren’t always positive. I recall when Colton was named as a returning player on Blood vs. Water how fans’ blood boiled. Hell, my blood boiled. People claiming to be lifelong fans were going to “boycott the season,” or worse, start watching Big Brother! But after that fool quit again, fans returned and made Blood vs. Water one of the best seasons (in my opinion).

This season, however, I’m seeing … Continue reading

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