Welcome back, one and all, for another installment of Survivor: Topsy-Turvy, where players are now ranked on how weak they are, how weak their alliance is, and how weak they perform in challenges. Currently, our leaderboard looks like this:

Cirie – the weakest…duh Troyzan – so weak he’d vote himself out Michaela – her weakness (or others’ displeasure with her) places her near the top Zeke – what may have been his season seems to be slipping through his fingers Tai – would be higher, but his crotch rocket idols protect him for a while Aubry – has she really done ANYTHING this season? Andrea – normally would be too nice to bring to FT, but she’s been getting bitchy lately… Sarah – she’s only above Sierra because she was a flipper Sierra – her advantage HAS to come into play later, right? Brad – the most unweak…meaning he can’t win this season…

It’s almost like Bizarro Superman who loves the green kryptonite and hates Lois Lane (not a comic book fan so if you … Continue reading

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Time to crack open another episode of Total Drama Island! Seems like we’re on a bullet train headed for a huge emotional clash of clans tonight based on what we saw in last week’s tease. And with the commercial I saw on CBS over the weekend, looks like someone is one hell of an inspiration to the players tonight. Have no idea who/what that could be, but after everything we’ve seen this season already, can there be even more?

I have my doubts we’re going to see anything as inspiring as they’re selling us, but I guess that’s their job now. Marketing the show harder and harder. It’s almost like they think they need to play up certain aspects of the players’ characters or situations, doesn’t it? Instead of just letting us watch a competition? Maybe that’s why I’ve been enjoying shows like American Ninja Warrior lately. They too focus on some parts of each competitor’s back story, but what it really comes down to is, can they make it through the course and climb … Continue reading

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I think we all need to take a shower…preferably together. Because after last week, I just feel kinda dirty. And it’s not the good kind of dirty.

And let’s get one thing straight, I’m not judging Zeke or the Transgender community – evidently, from a lot of the comments I’ve read, that’s America’s job – but what I do feel dirty about is ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE about last week’s episode:

-What Varner did -That CBS showed it -How I reacted to Varner -How fans reacted to everything -How Probst made this the new Survivor “normal”

And what do we have to look forward to tonight? A 2-hour episode! Yay…! Two more people going home (probably strong players…?).

Yes, it’s true, my little darlings, we’ve reached the “hump episode” – I thought that was last week between Zeke and Varner in the ocean? – and to use a golf term, we’ve completed the “Out,” and now we’re heading “In.” God, why does everything I type read like a dirty joke…?

Oh wait, that’s because it’s the … Continue reading

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