Well, folks, we rounded 3rd and we’re headed for home. The only question left is…are we going to cross the plate standing up? Are we going to avoid the tag and slide home safely? Or are we going to Pete Rose this mother**ker and barrel into Ray Fosse? Hell, we might even trip over our own two feet and eat dirt before we reach home…

Yes, it’s here. The finale. The biggest day of the year for us Survivor fans. If you think about it, it’s better than Christmas, a birthday, or Mother’s/Father’s Day because it comes twice a year. So, is everyone as stoked about tonight’s episode as I am? I really hope so because I splurged and bought the big bottle of Skyy and I’m fixin’ on finishing this mother**ker tonight.

Holy crap, two paragraphs in and we’ve already gotten 2 “mother**kers,” must be a sign of good things, or a reminder that Mrs. Fish paid us a visit this week… Onward!

Yes, all is good in the Fish bowl for now as … Continue reading

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Well, Howdy-frickin’-doo, everybody! How was your week? Everything good? That’s greaaaatttt…. So, y’all ready to take the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading and Tribal Voting Dynamics program? Well, you’d better be, because we’re gonna be moving really fast tonight. Those of you who need your Ritalin, start popping them now, because we don’t want you to lose focus. Better yet, grab the nearest fidget spinner and let’s kick those ADHD blues away…

The show is cranking things up a notch tonight and getting rid of not one, but TWO players in the penultimate episode of Survivor: Short Bus, and I hope no one’s surprised when Brad is one of those. Sadly, I do believe that’s what is going to happen tonight, based on the simple fact he holds no immunity idols, and is on the wrong side of the numbers. But let’s see if Mr. Dawn Thomas can pull a miracle out of his culo and make it to Day 39.

But let me make it perfectly clear that I do not have any spoilers on … Continue reading

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Who’s up for another episode of Survivor!? I know I am, because it’s all I got right now. Too soon? Okay, let’s steer clear of any personal news and keep the spotlight on our favorite reality show. (It is still your favorite show, right?)

To be honest, I have been seeing a lot of negative comments on this season, and I can totally see where some of you are coming from. The show isn’t the same as it once was…but what is? Car models evolve. Vacation spots lose their luster. Rock stars get old. Except Billy Idol. What’s up with that guy? He hasn’t aged in like…30 years. Freak of nature that one.

But yes, all our favorite things from the past have begun to show their age – cough, Jeff Probst – and we can’t hang on forever to the standards we set over 15 years ago. There won’t be any more Boston Robs, there won’t be any more Coaches, there won’t be any more Parvatis. There’ll only be cheap knock-offs made in China, … Continue reading

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