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It’s Immunity Challenge time (Day 29) and it’s a challenge I’d like to run someday. Stack blocks along a board, trying to assemble a domino chain, and avoid knocking over your stack by high-stepping through a trip obstacle. Seems pretty easy, but you know players will get tired and not pay attention to their stepping. Let’s get it on!

Through the placement of the first 10 blocks or so, it’s pretty close. No one’s tripped their table and knocked over any blocks. But suddenly, Brad does, so I guess Monica is home with her Squidward voodoo doll pulling the legs around…

Sarah, Andrea and Michaela seem to have a slight edge over everyone else, but then Andrea realizes she’s spaced her blocks too closely. As she grabs her last block and high-steps toward the end of her stack, Jeff tells us that Michaela and Sarah are still 3 and 4 blocks away. Will Andrea be able to reposition all her blocks to allow them to all fall and hit the gong? She sets her final block down and begins shifting all the others.

With Michaela, Sierra and Sarah nearing the end, Andrea makes her final adjustments and heads back to tip the first block. And Maria succeeds! These hills are definitely alive, and it’s the sound of Immunity!

Now that Andrea is wearing the Dreamcatcher, who will the target fall upon? Sierra is the only one who has an opinion, confessing she’ll need to make something happen for her to stick around. Let’s see what chaos ensues back at camp.

Immediately upon returning, Andrea says she wants to target Zeke, because he’ll eventually be gunning for her, and she knows she’s not going home tonight. So let’s see how she puts that’s together. She heads off with Cirie to grab water and Operation: Manual Transmission (or 5-Speed) is discussed. Cirie is listening, but wants to bring Sierra in on the plan. Coincidentally, Sierra walks up just then, and since she’s willing to do anything they want her to do – anything, Sierra? – she promises to be their bi*ch.

But they need to get Sarah on board, and when she suddenly appears, the plan strikes her as not so great. She needs to keep Zeke around to help her get deeper, but Sarah knows she can’t make too big a stink right now. She needs to play her cards close to her Kevlar vest, and not appear to be saving Zeke too obviously, lest they turn on her. But she wants to know that if she does come through for them, she’ll be guaranteed a tight 5. Andrea says that thing you can never say on Survivor,

“I think this plan is foolproof.”

Ouch. Let’s see who screws it up tonight.

And that’ll be Michaela. She’s got big thoughts in her head, and she’s doing some math, and figgers that if they take out Zeke, then it’s 5-4, meaning the four only need one person to flip to make it 4-5, meaning “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” And since she knows Zeke from last season, she’s feeling a bit “comforble” with him, and wants to keep him around.

A few last-minute thoughts are processed, but what tonight will come down to is how Sarah and Michaela will vote, and if it’s just up to the two of them, it looks like Sierra is going home. Let’s find out! Everyone grabs their Orchard Supply Hardware torches and march towards camera

Tribal is back and the jury is called in. Hali, Ozzy and Debbie enter, and the Boston Terrier immediately throws a sideward glance at the players, and then looks back at Ozzy, who she’s clearly in love with. I really hope she didn’t get him drunk at Ponderosa… She’s now holding up her hands 10 inches apart and mouthing the words “this f**king big” but I think everyone’s paying attention to Jeff right now. Nevertheless, she skootches a bit closer to him on the bench.

Jeff asks Sarah, “what happened after last Tribal?”

-Sarah admits she flipped
-Debbie performs another hand gesture
-Brad illustrates how quickly a team can go from top to bottom, when their starting quarterback goes down
-Tai is a pretty good liar (that’s a first!)
-Sierra doesn’t know what’s going to happen
-Zeke admits the best approach is to keep your plans to yourself
-Andrea drops some hints, but even she doesn’t know what’s afoot
-Michaela confirms she’s interested in “the simple move” (and that doesn’t surprise me)
-Zeke confirms it’s “not the right time” (to take him out)
-Cirie is talking about a grid, but I don’t think she knows what Jeff is talking about
-Sierra is anyone’s bi*ch tonight!
-Sarah confirms no one is falling on their sword tonight
-Michaela says you got to turn off your heart
-And Probst slaps Cookie Puss down when he has Andrea confirm you got to keep it turned on

It’s time to vote, so let’s just see what unfolds. Aubry, go start it off… The only votes that are revealed are Sierra’s vote for Tai (huh?) and Zeke’s for Sierra, so there’s probably a big misdirect being thrown at us right now. Jeff goes to tally the votes.

Sarah doesn’t play her Advantage and Tai doesn’t play his crotch rocket. Jeff reads the votes.


Boom goes the 5-Speed as something just slipped. And as gasps and tears spew forth from the players, Zeke gets his wang sliced off, I mean, torch snuffed. Yet, he heads off with a jaunty swagger and wishes everyone well. And for some reason, the person who just claimed to turn off her heart is now blubbering profusely, even that she does poorly.

Next time on…Survivor!

A possible jumble of alliances is further confused by the emotion of the Loved Ones visit, and a new alliance could be forming.

In Zeke’s final words (damn, I thought he was a shoo-in to win after the Varner episode) the only significant piece of information I see is that Sarah voted for Zeke. Meaning so much for all that footage of Sarah protecting Zeke. I’m starting to wonder if anyone is saying anything that means anything…

Well, once again, the week has presented its share of ups and downs, and downs, and downs. I’m surprised I haven’t been institutionalized. However, Fish has a secret remedy for the blues, and that’s called vodka. Funny how it works. You pour it into your face and everything improves! They should prescribe this s**t in therapy. But therapy ain’t for me, I’ll keep plugging away and plotting my course. And I hope you come along for the ride. Let’s see where this road takes us…

Have a groovy week, everybody!

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6 thoughts on “SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS – 5/5/17

  1. Fish ~
    I was not reading last year because I did not think you were recapping anymore. Your speech was awesome. I know you do not know me, but you cannot imagine how proud I am of you and your strength to tell your story.

    On to the recap – I do not know where this season is going. They are showing Sarah and Andrea making some plays, but Cirie, Sierra, and Brad really faded into the background this episode. Once Sierra and Brad realized they were not top dogs anymore, it was like the wind was let out of their sails.

    Seriously? Michaela could not do anything to please you at this point – lol. Now she cannot even cry well – haha.

    Andrea is playing a much better game than last time, if I am remembering correctly. Somehow I think Tai might be going home with two idols down his pants. He is so clueless! Maybe next episode he might dole them out to help secure their four??

    Debbie is still a piece of work. Just do not show her on camera anymore – please! You never fail to crack me up. Sometimes I’m afraid I might pee and that would not be a good thing. I am anonymous, so I can say that. When you talked about her and Ozzy being how big?? Boy, you certainly have a gift.

    Keep on making us laugh. We love it!

  2. Hey Fish. I watched the video and have to say – you were nothing like I imagined in my head! I am not saying that is a bad thing at all – just had you cut out to be a young, hipster type! I much prefer the more mature Fish! I can’t even imagine what you and your family have endured. You are an example of a true survivor! You were very brave, and humble, to share your story…..

    Now I will stop being sappy! I haven’t commented lately because I was – and still am – in mourning after Malcolm, and then Ozzy, were voted off. And honestly, this season is such a bore! I may have to try your version of therapy as the wine isn’t cutting it any longer.

    I am hoping Tai goes home soon as he doesn’t seem to have a clue that there is a game even going on, as well as Troyzan. I would love to see Tai get sent home with idols in his pockets. I still can’t figure out why his alliance placed a couple votes for him. Apparently, we are not being shown half the stuff that is discussed before tribal. It is irritating to me that they do that. Michaela doesn’t bother me as much as she obviously does you, but I am curious about the tears this time. I figure it was probably just her TOTM.

    My prediction is there will be a female Final 3 with Aubrey – who has been absent this whole season, Sierra – who is totally obnoxious (and by the way – how can she have painted fingernails on day 27 still?!) and Andrea – who I have to say I was very surprised she came up with the “reinventing” word.

    I am so ready for this season to be over. The only good thing about it is reading your column on Friday. Keep it up so I can endure the last few weeks!

    Hang in there Fish, and throw back some tequila today in lieu of the vodka for some Cinco de Mayo celebration!

  3. Hello! Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few weeks. Life has been next level bonkers. The hubs and I were both off yesterday and binge watched the last 4 episodes. And then, of course, I had to come read all of the Fish recaps 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing your video. I know that was hard, but you are truly amazing. You have no bigger fans than us, your loyal followers. Keep your head up and your vodka glass full!!

    On to the show – I’m running out of people to root for here. I was so excited for this season to start because of players like Ozzy, Malcolm, Tony, Sandra. I have to say, it’s been a bit of a let down watching all the “threats” get taken out by non-game changers like Troyzan, Tai, Michaela, Sierra. If Michaela didn’t have such a piss-poor attitude about everything, she could actually be a threat. But she is miserable to watch and probably unbearable to be around.

    I miss the old days of survivor when there were strong alliances that stuck together for the whole thing. These shifting votes aren’t as fun to watch. Does it up the question of who gets voted out each week? Sure. But it’s not quite as fun to watch. I would love nothing more than to see Tai get ousted with 2 idols.

    Who is everyone’s pick for final three? I guess at this point I’d say Andrea, Aubry, Cirie. Culpepper has played a decent game, but I still kind of loathe him. If Michaela, Troyzan or Tai make it in there, I quit. I love a strong final tribal without goats.

  4. And I just reread my thoughts. I know that Cirie is a super weak player, but I love her. I’ve loved her forever and can’t help but want her to win. I know what you’re all thinking…but I seriously love her. And Aubry even though she’s done nothing this go round.

  5. Late to the party this week . I was on vacation . Headed to the Derby for some drinking and gambling . Before I forget Fish do you know what kind of rules they give before a challenge ? I would think that the block challenge would be easiest if you did the final block first and worked backwards . Just my opinion . The voting blocks leads to more drama at tribal but it leaves viewers screwed because we cant see all the side bars that happen before they go to tribal . I am not sad Zeke is gone but I think that it was a bad move . Why risk it when you have such a small numbers advantage ? Sierra was a better play .

  6. Thanks for the love, folks. I really needed to hear it this week.

    RSanon: Thank you.. TBH, I never thought I was being strong (the speech or through my struggles) I was just doing what needed to be done. No use cryin’ over spilled milk! Yeah, it’s funny to see how Brad and Sierra reacted to their loss of power. It’s like they saw the Emerald City, and then got pooped on by flying monkeys. I don’t know what it is about Michaela, but she’s always portrayed poorly. Like I said last week, the editor’s are purposely showing us footage of her, and there’s gotta be other scenes where she comes across better. But we’re NEVER shown them. As mentioned, her “character” is the petulant little child, and that’s what they’ll continue to show us. It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya! Andrea is playing a great game, much better than ever before. And she’s not as oblivious as she was previous times. Tai is dumb. Debbie is so gross, that’s the only reason I poke so much fun at her. I’m just a schoolyard bully… And thank you for laughing, and telling me you like it. It’s always good to hear.

    Bosslady: Thank you, ma’am! I hope opening up a little will help me/my story connect with more people. It’s easy to sit anonymously behind a keyboard and trash people, so I wanted to expose myself a bit more. Let’s hope something good will come of it. And yeah, a little voddy gets to work much quicker than the vino! And yeah, what’s up with the random Tai votes? There was a LOT we weren’t shown last week. Michaela…I don’t even wanna go there…Possibly an all-girl alliance, let’s just hope there are no GOATS! Thanks for your support, bosslady, I really appreciate it, now more than ever.

    Jen: We missed you! Welcome Home! Thank you for your comment. I’m glad I was able to touch you. That sounded weird…you know what I mean. And I know what YOU mean about the shifting alliance hatred. It’s just kinda fun to know some people aren’t gonna flip. That makes the flipping more shocking when it does happen, you know? I hope final 3 is Brad, Andrea and Sarah, and let’s get some good FT questions!!! You can have your Cirie/Aubry love, I just don’t think they’ll have much to say at FT that warrants them winning, IMHO… Thanks, Jen!

    Ricky: Whaddup, man? Hope you had a great time. Watching the ponies is always a fun time. So, when I interviewed Coach a couple years ago, he talked about pre-challenge protocol and what goes on. He said Jeff goes over EVERYTHING in the challenge, and all the players are given the opportunity to ask all the questions they have. Everyone should know exactly what the deal is when he calls “go!” Re: the block challenge, that may have been something they discussed, but no one opted for that. I would guess they told players they had to start at the beginning. And it’s not like players will respond to a direct question on Twitter if we asked them, it seems. I agree with you about the “side bars.” Like I said above, there’s a lot we’re not being shown this season. It’s almost like the show is trying a little harder this season to keep us in the dark on how each person is voted out. Not sure I like it this way… I agree that taking Zeke out was a little premature, because what, are his brains so much stronger than others that he can control his place in the game? I would think Brad or Sierra would have been a better vote, just so you keep a big number advantage. Thanks for the comment, bro…!

    And thank you to all of you who come and read the comments but don’t write in. As long as you’re staying satisfied, I’m satisfied. Have a great week everyone!

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