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Tribal is afoot and the bitter jury enters…

Jeff commences the questioning:

-Andrea says the Loved Ones challenge was a bi*ch because even if you win, you lose
-Sierra drops a hint that the 4 people not chosen for the Reward got tighter
-Aubry says emotion matters on Survivor (duh)
-Sierra blows it and says she’s looking out for herself, and says Andrea is a bigger threat
-Andrea says even the bottom feeders are strong underdogs
-Debbie barks
-Aubry is smart…
-Sarah just got jobbed by Probst
-Michaela gives us the smartest thing she’s ever said on Survivor when she says a “WE” can flip upside-down and give you a “ME” toot sweet…
-Andrea has no idea what’s going to happen
-Sierra doesn’t either

It’s time to vote. And with only a single vote revealed for Andrea and Sierra (by each other) I wonder what’s really going to happen tonight. Has this whole episode been a misdirect? Are players targeting Sarah for being so sneaky, or Michaela, for playing both sides? And will Tai ever play a Hidden Idol? (He does know they have to be played THIS SEASON, right?). Jeff tallies the votes. No crotch rockets are played…


Boom goes the cowbell as this cowgirl reverses outta here. Jeff snuffs her torch and that’s the last time Brad’ll see those loins for a while… She wishes everyone well and blows them kisses. Sarah, for some odd reason, looks particularly confused, but didn’t she want Sierra to go home?

In Sierra’s final words, she wills the Legacy Advantage to Sarah, and I can’t wait to see who voted for Sierra. We’ll find out shortly…

Next time on…Survivor!

Michaela is trying to blackmail Brad?
Cirie is pulling some s**t?
Time for some topsy-turvy…again?

And here’s the vote breakdown, in the order they were read:

Sierra (Andrea)
Andrea (Sierra)
Sierra (Aubry)
Andrea (Troyzan)
Andrea (Brad)
Sierra (Tai)
Sierra (Michaela)
Sierra (Sarah)

Cirie voted for Sierra

Looks like the only thing that would’ve saved her is if Tai or Michaela didn’t flip, but he’s clearly on the girls’ side now. And as much as I hate the way he plays, he’s down to the final 8, and holding 2 idols, so he can still do some damage. Yet, I really don’t think he has any chance to win. Agreed? And even if he wins an Immunity or two, I still think the New Black Widow alliance (be careful, Fish, how you use that reference…) might gobble him up and spit him out.

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get a little excited for the rest of the season. That’s partly because the finale is taping a few miles away from my new place, so once again, I will try to hook up some tickets and see if they’ll let me in. Fingers crossed on that… But seriously, is anyone else reconsidering their hatred for this season? Looks like Brad and Troyzan are mincemeat unless they run the Immunity gauntlet and play Troyzan’s idol wisely. Trouble is, only one can win each challenge, so it looks like they’ll be eliminated pretty soon. Tough luck…

And I guess we’re either headed for an all-girl Finale, or one with Tai, who can’t win. Here are my quick thoughts on the remaining players:

Andrea – can win if she gets there. People like her and she hasn’t been ruthless.
Aubry – don’t think anyone will think she’s deserving. Not enough moves this season.
Brad – sorry, your wife is still the best player in the house. Probably gone next week.
Troyzan – He’s got an idol, so that means he’s around for 3 more votes?
Michaela – could be dragged to FT as this season’s goat. Can never win, based on likability.
Cirie – has a chance to win if she makes it. Well-liked, active, but that near-drowning should exclude her.
Tai – don’t think anyone’s forgotten S32 and how pitiful he played. And aside from finding idols, hasn’t done anything to earn his first jury vote. When will his idols come into play?
Sarah – could win if she reaches FT. Has been active, vocal, physical, strategic, and flippy.

I don’t believe Andrea, Cirie, and Sarah will all make FT, but that would be a great finale. Let’s hope the season finishes stronger than it started. And don’t we all want that? It’s so easy to rag on the show when it’s a topsy-turvy season, but if the finale is good, we fans can forgive and forget a lot. And thank god there are no big sob stories this season (like Adam’s mother’s backstory). Let’s just let the players play and see who deserves it. THAT’S what Survivor is supposed to be…

But, things never shake out like I think, so let’s just grab some popcorn, mix a drink, and see what unfolds. Can’t wait.

That’s it for this week, so let’s see what the next seven days brings to the Fish Bowl. I’m always interested in what life hands us, and what we can do with it. For the 857th time, my struggles won’t define me, but they will sharpen me a little. Didn’t Coach say something like that once…? I need to go back and review his old episodes…

So, until next week, do me a favor and hug your kids and spouses and siblings a little extra harder this week. And for all you moms out there…Happy Mother’s Day! I’ll go see my Mumsie, and hopefully she’ll be happy to see me (I think she likes to see her grandson a little more). No worries, it’s an open bar at her place and no one drinks vodka, yet it’s always stocked. I’ll be good!

Really. I’m good…

I need a better aquarium,

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3 thoughts on “SURVIVOR: GAME CHANGERS – 5/12/17

  1. I finally got a reminder of why I watch Survivor this week . The grand delusion some people life with . Michaela and Tai s conversation about people not being able to outsmart them was classic . Tai you are possibly one of the most compassionate souls on earth . My friend you are not a smart man though . Its cool Forrest Gump was dumb too and look what he accomplished . Michaela sorry but having zero control over your emotions is not a sign of intelligence . Let s put it this way if it was me and you two in a round of jeopardy I would be calling my banker before the game started . Look man I am on Jeopardy going to be throwing some cash your way soon . Invest wisely . No I cant possibly lose to these 2 . Not a chance . I have replayed that part several times when I need a laugh . Kudos to Sarah for making sure Sierra was voted out and still getting Sierra to give you her advantage . That was impressive . She is a challenge threat and is also playing a great social game . It might be too late by the time the others figure out she is probably the one to beat . Culpepper and his golden arm . Damn he left no doubt about the reward challenge . If he gets a few ball throwing immunity challenges he wont be beat . Aubrey I am so disappointed in her play ( at least what they show ) . I expected more . I know not getting voted out is priority one but if doing nothing leaves you no chance to win what s the point ? Fish have a great week my friend . Bottoms up !

  2. Oh man, when Michaela was kicking the box and her Mom told her to hold her temper (or something like that), I laughed so hard. #1 – obviously she’s not any different at home. #2 – she’s an adult and her Mom still needs to tell her how to act like one. Very funny.

    Great recap as always – made me laugh. I do NOT want to see Tai in the final. Please please do not bring him along as an easy non-vote. I like your idea of Sarah, Andrea, and Cirie.

    Thanks again – cannot wait to see this weeks show. It is getting better, I agree.

  3. I think I spoke too soon on the comment love. Maybe I’ll just keep quiet from now on… 😉

    Rick! You are harsh! Funny stuff, though. Yeah, I don’t think they’re the brightest lights on the porch, and I don’t even think they’re “good TV,” so I’m trying to figure out why they’d be cast on the show. Tai is not what you’d call “Survivor gameplay savvy,” and Michaela is just not someone who should be on TV. I just don’t get why she was brought back. She must be giving it up to someone in production… I agree with you on Sarah, she’s doing everything under the radar and keeping her hands clean. Brad’s a beast. And like I said, Aubry is doing nothing to win. Not a great gameplan. Thanks, Rick. I got a new car this weekend so the resurrection of Fish continues! Have a great week!

    RSanon! I’m so with you on Michaela. I can’t even tell if she’s doing it on purpose. As I’ve said many times, people are cast as “characters,” so I think producers told Michaela her character is “bitchy, emotional, baby.” So her goal every episode is to get snotty, cranky or upset every week. Then, the show shows us all those moments. I could be wrong, but nobody’s that much of an idiot for 32 days straight. And I’m praying for no goats this season. No Tai, no Michaela, no Troyzan. And preferably no Cirie since she doesn’t deserve to win after that swimming debacle. Let’s hope next week is great too. With 8 people left, and only two more episodes, that probably means 2 go home next week, 3 in the first half of the finale, and then a FT with 3 contestants. I guess… Unless someone gets evac’d, or there’s a FT with 4 (but they’d never do that, right?) Can’t wait. Thanks for writing in.

    Hugs and kisses to everyone…

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