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Episode 7! We’re over the midseason hump. And let’s see if that word applies to two of our favorite castaways… Methinks we’ll be seeing a little more of someone’s backside tonight, and I hope it’s not J.P.

So, it’s been another eventful week here in the good ole U. S. of A(rms). Oops, I promised I wouldn’t be political anymore… Screw that, the bartender arrived early, and while I could drop another rant about gun control right now, I think I’ll let Steve Kerr say it best. Seek out that interview if you wanna hear the most common-sense view about guns in America. I’m not kidding, it’s perfect. And, BTW, I’d post the link, but it’d probably hyperlink to a picture of Kerr’s butt, and we don’t wanna upset anyone with unwanted nudity, right…?

And he’s a sports guy! What’s he talking about guns for? The same reason I have, because people have opinions, and sometimes they make sense. And we don’t care if you agree with us or not. We’re not voicing our opinions because we want you to like us, we state these opinions because maybe it’s time for you to reconsider your stance. Or maybe it’s time for those who make laws to start making some sense…

OMG, Becky, it’s gotten heavy already. Should we lighten things up? Let’s play a game. I’ll say a word and you say the first thing that pops into your head… Ready?






So, what did you come up with? Anything good? Nope, I didn’t either, and neither will anyone else… WTF is wrong with everyone in Hollywood? Are they all just perverts?

There is one thing I saw that’s Hollywood related and it’s good. Did you hear about the petition circulating to get Kevin James to replace Kevin Spacey on “House of Cards?” Personally, I’ve never seen an episode of “House of Cards,” so I don’t really care, but I did sign it and added the comment that “I’d only like to see this happen if Kevin James is required to play the same character in “House of Cards” that he plays in “Kevin Can Wait.” Now THAT would be awesome… And then have Leah Rimini come in and guest star one episode and replace Robin Wright…

Seriously, is there anything left to cheer us up? Something to wipe away these entertainment blues…? Oh wait, I know. It’s Survivor. And if you’re like me, you’re looking forward to every Wednesday with baited breath and the thought of “What’s gonna happen this week?” “What are they gonna say that pisses me off a little more?” That’s the same feeling I had as a kid before church. That’s why I don’t go anymore…

JFC, Fish, “Stay off fat, stay off fat.” (History of the World, Pt. I, anyone?)

I’m not sure if you saw my tweet this week about reminiscing about the old days of Survivor, but am I wrong in saying the old casts seemed to be playing a different/better game?

Maybe it’s the vodka talking but doesn’t it seem like the old casts included more “memorable” players than recent seasons? Sure, we get a Wentworth, we get a Jeremy, we get a Jessica Lewis, but they had to go deep in the game to earn their stripes. Didn’t it seem like even the “bit players” in the old days brought a lot more to the table? Who doesn’t miss a Shane? A Hunter? A Rocky? Players who brought personality to the game when social media wasn’t even a consideration.

I’m trying to figure out when things changed. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say there were a few events that signified a turning point in Survivor for me. A “jumping the shark” if you will. I’d love to hear anyone else’s opinions, because I know you guys have opinions. And that’s okay too…

My feeling is that Survivor blew a tire when one of these events occurred…

1. Cagayan – Woo chose poorly
2. Worlds Apart – Will Sims was not a nice person
3. One World or Blood vs. Water – Colton…just Colton
4. One World – the whole cast (except Christina, natch)

As much as I’m an überfan, these were the “moments” that left a bad taste in my mouth and when the tide of “new Survivor” players arrived. Players who were only trying to make big moves. Players who were simply concerned about their Survivor resume. Players who were trying to create bitchin’ soundbites in confessionals rather than trying to figure out how to win. Essentially, these were the seasons when the players were more concerned about “how they looked playing the game,” rather than trying to win the game.

It should be about winning the million bucks, and nothing else. Unfortunately, recent players are more concerned about their social media status in-game, and post-game, rather than focus on playing the game. And I think it comes out in the episodes.

Or maybe it’s the show’s fault for trying to create these storylines…

Or maybe it’s casting…

Yeah, that’s probably it. It’s casting. Wouldn’t be the first time I blame something on Lynne Spillman. And do I give a crap anymore that I’ll never be on the show?

You know I do… So, all I can hope for is that I sober up enough to erase some of the things I just wrote…

Previously on…Survivor!

-at Yawa, the Healers have nothing to worry about…
-at Levu, Lil Tony is sittin’ pretty
-at Soko, it was between the hockey player and the P.A., and the P.A. was sent to wash Jeff’s car…

“12 are left, who will be voted out…tonight?”

Soko returns to camp (Night 16) and Chrissy is evidently confident with her game. Not only does she admit to (almost) smiling when Ali left, she also feels she’s “dominating” the social game.

“…both guys (Ryan and J.P.) are closer with me than they are with each other.”

Them’s fightin’ words in the context of Survivor, so let’s see if our actuary is setting herself up for a big fall tonight. We know the tribes are merging, and the best laid plans of mice and (wo)men often go awry… But, Chrissy believes her good standing in this tribe is setting herself up for a nice run in the game. Let’s see if the show agrees with her.


  1. Hi! Sorry I’ve been MIA. Traveling, work, and computer issues all contributed to my absence. How is it that I can remember all the lyrics to “Gangsta’s Paradise” but can’t remember a password?! L’Anyhoodle, I’m all caught up on our favorite show. I feel that this cast is marginally better than the past few. I’m thinking it all started going downhill when we tried to cram people into categories. “I’m a hustler.” No, you’re a bellhop. I also think having three tribes makes it difficult to get to know people. Either way, I sure do miss the likes of Boston Rob, Coach, Parvati, etc. Cole needs to go. He is potentially the dumbest player we’ve ever had. If he wins, I’m done watching forever. Hopefully he follows Jessica next week. I’m liking Ben or Dr. Mike for the win. I forget about JP. He’s a bump on a log, isn’t he? That Outback Steakhouse advertising was quite effective. We ended up going last night 🙂 As always, thanks for the laughs. I look forward to seeing your take on the show each week. Have a good one!!

  2. Hey Jen. Thanks for coming back! Hope you had good travels… Man, I stopped trying to remember all my passwords long ago and had to keep them electronically. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to log in to anything. I think I’m getting old.

    You really think this cast is better than recent ones? I’ll leave Game Changers out of the debate because they’re all returnees, but looking back over the last 4 or 5 “all new” casts and they seem — to me — a bit more interesting. Maybe because this season is still so young. And who knows what drama will come later? I’m almost worried the show is gonna throw some huge mindf**k on us down the line. Shows do that, right…? 😉

    I seriously hope we don’t get some ridiculous story arc that tarnishes an already blah season. Fingers crossed.

    I think you’re right about the categories. It’s all Cagayan’s fault. That Brains/Beauty/Brawn stuff started it all. Old School Survivor had Heroes vs. Villains, but those are some broad labels.The recent seasons are too damn specific. And I do like what you’re saying about 3 tribes. Give us 2 so we can get to know the players better, and they can start forming larger alliances…and drama.

    Yeah, it’s almost like Cole has never seen the show. What’s up with him? Something’s off with a few of these jokers. Glad you enjoyed your steak dinner and glad you’re enjoying the recaps. I’ll try to be funnier.. (it’s tough sometimes!)

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