It’s a bittersweet day, folks, because once again we have to say goodbye to our favorite show for a little while. But don’t despair, we can celebrate one last time. For tonight is the culmination of what some people are calling a great season of Survivor, while others – like me – are claiming it’s another season of “upside-down” Survivor gameplay.

Not sure how this one will play out, but one thing is certain, a good Final Tribal can make up for a lackluster season. Let’s hope all these attorneys, debate champs, and bitter castoffs will BRING IT tonight, or else I may have to start recapping The Walking Dead, Gotham, or Berlin Station from now one…

Seriously, you should check out Berlin Station…

So with a 2-hour (gulp!) episode, the reunion show, and then whatever else I find in the dark recesses of my mind, tonight’s column may get a little long in the tooth. So let’s not dilly-dally any longer, let’s crack open the final coconut in Season 33, Millidiots vs. Gen-XY.

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The past couple weeks there’s been a lot of comment love, so first off, let me say thank you to everyone who’s written in. The comments have been substantive, positive, and a confirmation that you guys are truly Survivor superfans like myself. It’s great to share in your theories, passion, and predictions.

One comment in particular, written by jerseygirl71, made me question if I was getting a little lazy. Her theory was that based on how many players were left with only 2 episodes to go, it has to mean that Adam is leaving sometime before Tribal Council. Now, I don’t wanna be a big spoiler – that would never happen on this site 😉 – because it may still occur, but it just made me realize I wasn’t thinking deep enough about this season.

And yes, I’ve been a little critical about how things have played out this season, but can you blame me? I even had to mention it in a comment of my own just how topsy-turvy the season is playing out. … Continue reading

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“Tito, get me a tissue…”

That’s right, folks, it looks like we’re in for an emotional night. The HUGE Loved Ones visit is tonight, and everyone’s guessing just who in the hell will be devastated when Adam steals their Reward. He is going to steal the Reward, right?

To be fair, it’s almost not right to call it an “advantage,” since it really packs more of a negative impact than a positive one, if you consider the target that it’ll put on his back. Let’s see how he figures that one out (at least he’s not screaming anymore).

But first, massive thanks for all the wonderful comments sent in this week. THAT is the interaction I’ve been craving since season 31, having skipped last season and this season’s mailbag being relatively quiet. Props to those of you who do write in often – Rick, Kate, Erica – and a warm welcome to the new commenters. If you haven’t already, please register through WordPress so you can send in a comment. Don’t worry, it won’t bite… … Continue reading

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