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“Tito, get me a tissue…”

That’s right, folks, it looks like we’re in for an emotional night. The HUGE Loved Ones visit is tonight, and everyone’s guessing just who in the hell will be devastated when Adam steals their Reward. He is going to steal the Reward, right?

To be fair, it’s almost not right to call it an “advantage,” since it really packs more of a negative impact than a positive one, if you consider the target that it’ll put on his back. Let’s see how he figures that one out (at least he’s not screaming anymore).

But first, massive thanks for all the wonderful comments sent in this week. THAT is the interaction I’ve been craving since season 31, having skipped last season and this season’s mailbag being relatively quiet. Props to those of you who do write in often – Rick, Kate, Erica – and a warm welcome to the new commenters. If you haven’t already, please register through WordPress so you can send in a comment. Don’t worry, it won’t bite… And neither will I, no matter the content of your comment.

I even learned this week about Hannah’s girl boner and her dirty face, which evidently are both perfectly normal physical conditions (thanks, avital!). I don’t need to explain what they are, because, A) you can read avital’s comment below, and B) I just don’t like that Larry’s on this season. And as Bobby Brown once said…

“It’s my prerogative…”

Thankfully, we’ve got a normal 60-minute episode tonight, so I’m praying I won’t be writing until 3 am. Fish has a J.O.B. now, so he needs to put his tired head to bed eventually. But let’s knock back a few highballs until midnight and see what evil lurks in the crevices of my mind. To the beach!

Jeff reminds us…

-Players drew rocks, and Jessica had her battleship sunk…
…willing her Legacy Advantage to Ken

That’s it? That’s all we get, Jeff? Heck, I guess this means the Legacy Advantage is the only important thing that’s happening tonight, and not all of that emotional baggage of the Loved Ones visit. Phew! I thought I was going to have to grab a box of Kleenex. And please don’t ask me why it’s next to my side of the bed…

We head over to the Vinaka camp (Night 30) and David is hanging upside down cleaning his wings. Oh, wait, that’s a fruit bat, never mind. Players stagger in and appear overwhelmed at having just drawn rocks. Everyone throws down their torch while Will plays Life Coach to Hannah, reminding her,

“You’re still here. I’m still here. We’re all still here…”

Uh, no, genius, everyone is not still here. You just got rid of Jessica, don’t you remember that? Of course not, you selfish Millennial! But Hannah is feeling awful for being the reason Jessica was sent home, and once again proves she should never have been cast (have I made it perfectly clear how I feel about her yet…?)

Her whimpering continues with Sunday and David, who both need to point out that it’s not “All Hannah’s Fault” for Jessica’s departure. I’m sorry, she knows how this game works, right? She’s seen the show before?

More importantly – and at this point, ANYTHING is more important than how much Hannah knows about the game – David is pissed he burned his idol on Ken at Tribal, which has now left him vulnerable, in a minority, and in desperate need of finding a crack in the other alliance, which holds a 5-4 advantage. Otherwise,

“The 5 is just going to pick us off, one by one…starting with me.”

10 thoughts on “SURVIVOR: MILLENNIALS VS GEN X RECAP – 12/2/16

  1. WOW a lot happened for a one hour episode ! I will be as concise ( as possible ) with my comments . Will flipping and voting against a player who received 5 votes last tribal is not a big move . Zeke was well aware he was a target . Telling everyone Brett and Zeke were becoming tight and making a play to vote Brett would have been a big move . You kid have a lot to learn . Ken dumb I cant think of any other way to say it . One of the biggest things I have seen this season is the different ways that people react to hearing they are on the block . Jay has never flinched knowing he was on the bottom . Never blinked partially because he had an idol but mostly because he knows that if you survive a tribal or two it will pass and others will become targets . My problem with Zeke s game was he lost control when David came for him . Zeke was playing such a great game but he made his power move to early in my eyes . Adam played his advantage perfectly . He got the only thing he wanted . Instead of looking like a jerk looked like a hero and then took the target of having the advantage off his back . Well played and of course deepest condolences for your loss . Fish both of my parents passed away after long hospital stays . It gets to be that they don’t want you seeing them at their weakest anymore . I believe from what I have read about Adam and his family his mom knew her time was coming and there was nothing Adam being home could do to save her . God bless all and may you and yours have a safe holiday !

  2. Hey Rick! Thanks for your kind words… Good observations. I agree with you on Will and Zeke, and Ken. You’re right about how people react to hearing they’re on the chopping block. It’s like, “Me?! Why would anyone want to send me home…?” So dumb. Ken’s delusional if he thinks he isn’t a target…when EVERYONE’S a target. That’s why it’s a game… He just thinks if he keeps acting cool with everyone he deserves to be there at the end. Seriously? At some point, his strength should be a plus but it just seems he has “model” strength. He’s got muscles but he doesn’t know how to do anything with them. I’ll take Jay over him to win because at least he seems coordinated. Yeah, Adam played it all so well, so I’m presuming he’ll last a few more votes. Since he won that challenge, I guess he’s more capable than I thought… Can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Who’s your pick to win? And who at Final Tribal?

  3. I think Jay will win . I think he takes Sunday who has done zero so far with him to the finals . Man the 3 rd person is tough . I will say Hannah . I need some Survivor talk to get me through this miserable Monday . Come on folks we need some more comments !

  4. Hey Fish, I read you every week and always want to comment, but the last time I tried signing up it didn’t go through and was a major pain in the ass. But I wanted to give it one more try, because I really do love your column . I think way too much about Survivor, can’t help it though, it’s the best show on TV. Anyhoodle, I kind of came to a sad realization theory this weekend that I hope is wrong, but I have a feeling it’s right. Everyone is puzzling over why there are still so many people with only two eps left. My sad theory is that Adam leaves to go be with his mom. With her death coming less than 3 days after filming, I feel like they must let him know and he makes the decision to go to her. Would have cut it too close for him to film the last tribal and then immediately leave, I just think he will go if he gets word the end is near. It’s sad, he started out being kind of a dingus, but I like him and his game play now. Wouldn’t have minded if he won, but something tells me he won’t be there. I like Ken, and I would nail him in a heartbeat, but he’s about as stupid as sh%#$ when it comes to actually playing the game, so I can’t in all good conscience root for him, as I like to see an actual player win. Yeah I know, doesn’t always happen, but for die hard fans like us, it’s always what we want to see. I’m still not completely over Aubrey getting screwed last time. So that leaves Hannah ( dirty goat all the way), Will (man boy. Wait, am I the only one who thought of Jim Carrey as the Grinch when he said the “audacity”? All I could hear was the.unmitigated.gaul. Anyway, nope to man boy) Sunday (hell no) Brett (eh, if we must, but not preferred) David (ok with that one, but I doubt it) and Jay (I think he’s the one, playing a smart and subtle game, shoulda been gone weeks ago but he’s still here). So, after reading you every week for who knows how long, I’m done giving my more than two cents, but now I promise to comment every week. If I remember my password! yeah, can we change that sh$%$, or am I stuck with that random crap it gave me? OK, love ya Fish, rock on!

  5. We were doing the math in the office Jerseygirl 71 and didn’t even think of that . 8 people left 2 episodes . I know 2 go home to night and assume 2 go home next week so unless they have 4 in the finals I sadly think you are right . I am also a 71 kid and looked just like Ken so if you wanna never mind just looked in the mirror . I look nothing like Ken . Anyway agree that with most of what you said about the remaining players . David is looking more like a player compared to the rest of these clowns !

  6. Jerseygirl, I totally agree with your Ken assessment! He’s currently in my “Freebie Five.” To be honest, my list changes frequently. Poor hubs. Anyway, I was totally rooting for Ken and then this episode happened. I know it’s easy for me to say, but why can’t people just keep it together!? Sadly, I think you’re right about Adam too. I like him and will be sad to see him go. He’s been playing a strong game. As for final 3, it irks me to no end when people who don’t deserve to be there get pulled along. If I were playing the game, that’s absolutely what I would do, but it’s frustrating as a viewer. I think Jay is my current favorite to win. Maybe David, but he’s been a tad too spastic for me. That’s about it. I’m sure Sunday is a nice lady, but hasn’t done anything worthwhile. I enjoy watching Bret drink and I think we could be besties in real life, but again, hasn’t done much worthy of winning. Will has lost his damn mind. Hannah’s a nut. Ken’s real hot but kind of imploded. If Adam sticks around I’d be on board with him winning. I liked his handling of the “advantage” last week. I had a long day and already started drinking my dinner. So sorry if this long and rambling.

  7. Rick! Thanks for stumping for me. I appreciate your efforts. I like the Jay pick, and I do think it’d be a good idea to drag Sunday with him. Don’t think you can get 2 goats at FT so I’m guessing David (or Ken, using the Legacy Advantage) will be there with him. We’ll see…

    JerseyGirl: Welcome aboard! So glad you made it. And thank you for all your reading and support. You know, what you proposed never occurred to me but makes total sense. Funny how the show never really promotes more than one week at a time. And I don’t think Jeff ever “sold” this season as “one of the most emotional finishes ever.” I’m too lazy (drunk) to research that at the mo, but just go with it. And thank you for telling us about your affection for Ken. The one quality I appreciate more that others is sexual confidence (and vocalizing it) so I’m tickled you are so open about it. And I agree with all your other observations… Now, let’s continue hearing from you each week. I’m anxious to hear what else you got… 😉

    Jen: “Poor hubs”… Classic. And again, I agree with all your observations. As I said above, I think there’ll be a goat (Sunday, Hannah or Will) and then a player (Jay or David), and then someone else who’ll give the jury a “choice” (Adam (sadly, prob not), Bret, or Ken). We’ll see. Those Immunity Challenge change everything (ask Michelle and Jaclyn) and the Legacy Advantage could throw a huge bone to Ken. You can make your own joke… Keep the booze flowing, Jen. Love ya!

  8. Fish – Thank YOU! I love your recap and it’s a huge highlight of my week. I’ve been watching Survivor from the beginning and I’m a huge fan of the show..and of course Jeff Probst. Thank you for sharing your humor and opinions each week. I always look forward to it.

    I completely agree about your comments: “Once again, another strong player leaves the show and I’m left wondering if Survivor is becoming a game of winning by playing poorly. It’s like strong players aren’t respected anymore and the only way to guarantee a place at the finale is to be the goat.” This thought has been playing in my mind for a few different seasons. It always frustrates me when the strong players leave early! I like the concept of taking the best players to the end. As a viewer, I can’t stand seeing the weaker players make it to the end, just because they can be beat. But it’s even worse when the jury doesn’t respect the strong game play and they give the million to a player who in my eyes, didn’t deserve it. Gosh, I love this show. Some seasons are better then others, but I enjoy each minute of every episode. Ahhh I love it.

    Breaks my heart hearing about Adam’s mom. Luckily, I haven’t been in that position and can’t imagine what I would do. It’s such a fear for any kid, thinking of losing their parents and when and how that will happen one day. His emotions made me cry this past episode. I love the loved ones challenge. The human emotion is amazing.

    Thanks again for always recapping the show. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I truly truly enjoy it. I hope you write for as long as Survivor stays on TV, which I hope is forever. Haha. I even enjoy your comments at the end that are real. You’re right, the holiday season is about family and the people we love. Thanks for encouraging your readers to pick up the phone and tell the people you love them. That’s what the world needs more of, people like YOU! Looking forward to tomorrow. Cheers!

  9. ksig: You are very sweet, thank you for writing in. I’m so glad you’re getting some enjoyment from the recaps. That’s all I’m asking for… You bring up the point about weak/strong players that just punches me in the gut. It’s so frustrating! Look at this season, if you consider the 12 people who’ve been voted out, you could make the argument that 7 of them are “strong” players (Mari, Figgy, Michaela, Michelle, Chris, Jessica and Zeke) and 2 others (Paul and Taylor) were playing big. That leaves Rachel, CeCe and Lucy, who — I’m sure most would agree — didn’t show anything. And out of the remaining 8 players, I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that-

    -Sunday, Hannah, and Will are worthless
    -Bret and Ken are not exactly playing strong games
    -Leaving David, Adam and Jay

    So, unless those 3 make Final Tribal, we’ll have a goat or two. And BTW, not to play spoiler, but if you read the comment above, but if Adam is leaving this week, or next week before Final Tribal, then we’re looking at an even weaker finale. Seriously, the show needs to do something to address this, because this “organic, let the game write itself” approach is going to end up shooting itself in the foot. This whole “meandering alliances,” “voting blocks,” or “trust clusters” that have been mentioned are really tearing the game apart. What happened to strong alliances? What happened to our old school Survivor? What happened to a truly deserving winner? Let’s hope things improve next season…

    Many thanks to all of you for your comments this week and I hope tomorrow’s episode will be amazing. Can’t wait. Happy holidays, everyone!

  10. Ken, oh Ken, just be pretty and don’t ask questions.

    Jay is like Nick from FTWD in more than looks – just going to survive no matter what

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