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When Soko arrives back at camp to enjoy their pizza party, it’s becoming clear J.P. is “not a smart man” and it’s also becoming clear to the Bellhop. Ryan thinks it may make sense to take out a physical threat just before the merge, especially since J.P. doesn’t seem to know f**k-all about how to strategize… We’ll see…

Over at Levu, while Desi and Joe are out talking about where the idol may be, Devon and Ashley are back at camp wondering if there’s any way to get Desi to flip on Joe. They question if she’d be willing to “go to rocks” to save him, and hope they’ll find a way to get her to consider something other than 2 vs. 2.

When Devon and Joe head off to do “man stuff,” Ashley takes the opportunity to propose the idea of taking out Joe next to Desi. While Ricky Ricardo knows Joe may use her for a vote, she also knows – and Ashley agrees – he’s the most strategic player, so she’s willing to consider flipping on him.

But, to complicate things, while Joe and Devon are still out foraging about, Joe stumbles on the clue to another idol, and this time, he’s going to make sure no one knows he found it. He hatches a plan to return later and erase the clue from the tree, so by tonight, he should have another idol…

Night falls and while everyone is sleeping, Joe is out playing Survivor. He heads over to the well and carefully measures the distance with his body. He starts digging in the pitch-black night, but after a few moments, he lays his hands on another hidden Immunity Idol. His confidence is brimming and he’s already setting his sights on finding a 3rd idol after the merge. Let’s see if this cocky mother**ker can produce…

We’ve reached Day 16 and while Ben is away from camp, the Yawa tribe is lazing about. Cole’s hand starts shaking like my 8th grade teacher’s used to after she took a swig from her “special aluminum thermos,” and it suddenly occurs to me that Cole is an alcoholic. Okay, maybe not, because he just stood up and passed the f**k out onto the sand, and I don’t think he’s had access to the same Irish Whiskey Mrs. Anderson did in English Comp…

And luckily, he’s not taken a header into anything large, hard and wooden – can’t say the same for Jessica after she’s voted out – and Dr. Mike and Buttcheeks instantly recognize Cole needs to eat, drink some water and get healthy. They both jump into action to save him, while Lauren throws shady glances at Cole, knowing this is her chance to push him overboard…

Jessica is so concerned about Cole’s health she’s suddenly realizing she cares about him more than she ever thought, and I’m starting to wonder if there’s going to be another proposal at the Reunion Show… Fine with me if she’s wearing a bikini.

When Ben returns to camp and hears what happened, he gives us one of those, “See, I told ya!,” looks, and he and Dr. Mike take some time to figure out what their next move is. It’s naturally to take out Cole, because he’s sealed his fate with this ridiculous fainting strategy and “woe is me” approach. They plot to take him out the next time they’re at Tribal, let’s see if that’s tonight…

Off to the Immunity Challenge we go and we get to see how cool Desi is and how dorky Lauren is. Most viewers may not have caught that, but I know all of you did. And, lo and behold, we have a challenge we’ve NEVER seen before. How awesome is that?

Jeff describes it: while standing on wooden beams, four tribe members will each hold a rope, which keeps a platform suspended over the ground. One-by-one, tribe members must move in slowly to stack blocks, spelling the word “IMMUNITY.” If they step off their beams or the stack falls, they must start over. An interesting challenge leaving me seriously excited for the first time this season because it’s something completely new.

With one extra player, I’m sure Yawa is going to sit out the guy who fainted today, right? Right? Nope, they’re sitting out Lauren, because she’s still chubby, I guess… Seems like a bad move.

Jeff calls “go” and tribes begin to raise their platforms. Looks like communication will be the key element in this challenge, as well as not passing out from lack of food. I’m keeping an eye on Cole, because I think tonight’s gonna be special for him.

With the number of blocks that need to be stacked and how vital communication will be, it’s dumb to mention every twist and turn, let’s just highlight things…

-Ryan causes the first fall for Soko
-Levu and Yawa eventually place their 6th block, but then Levu loses their stack
-As does Soko again
-Cole can win it for Yawa as he attempts to place the final block. He does! Now he just needs to back up to his starting mark, but as he does, the stack tumbles, forcing Yawa to start over.
-Soko and Levu are back to having a stack of 6 blocks, and with a new approach by Yawa, their stack of 3 blocks suddenly grows to 5…
-Each tribe is on their final block somehow and it’s just a matter of who can place it and get back to their mat.
-Yawa’s new approach somehow works magically as Jessica places the last block while the three other members of her tribe keep the platform steady. Yawa wins Immunity!
-After Soko places their final block, they’ve evidently not figured out Yawa’s strategy and they watch their stack fall.
-Devon sets the final Levu block, and he’s able to retreat to his starting position, guaranteeing 2nd place and Immunity for Levu.

Soko is going back to Tribal, and while Jeff hands out Immunity idols, did anyone else catch Jessica’s buttcheeks? Probably not… Maybe it’s just me, damn, she has a sexy booty…


  1. Digging the 80 s references. Maybe some Bob and Doug Mackenzie lines for JP next week. You are not the only one who noticed the camera men are into the backsides of Survivor this season. Ali ass has been on tv more than her face . This was the behind the scenes look at Jessica s bum this week. Maybe they hired a bunch of ex Hollywood execs as cameramen. Awesome strategy in the immunity challenge . I agree no one seemed to notice that once they had the person with the block entirely drop the rope it seemed much much easier . Not a Joe fan but he is showing a lot and not just of his package. I guess the trend of sending home the physical threats isn’t happening this year. Ben, JP , Cole, Joe,Desi and Devon should make for some interesting challenges. Then you have the brains like Mike and Ryan . The strategist Chrissy, Lauren and Ashley. I think this season more than most we are not seeing as much of the strategy . I think its because there is a lot going on. The dead weight is about gone, I think this season will get really good really fast .

  2. Rick! Thanks for the comment, dude. Man, it was getting a little lonely around here… 😉

    Glad you’re diggin’ the jokes, too. It’s funny what pops into my head when I write/drink. No idea how that “16 Candles” thing came up, but I’m happy you got it. And yeah, let’s hope there’s a reason to mention “back-bacon” and “aboot” in the next episode… Is he seriously from Canada? And thank you for confirming what I’m seeing with the butts. There’s nothing wrong with showing some booty on TV, which is one of the reasons some fans tune in. Nowadays, you can’t say anything remotely sexist without being lambasted for it. I know you know that, and I know you dig a little “locker room banter” in the recap. As I’ve said before, if they don’t like what I write, that’s fine. But I don’t need to know they don’t like it. Just don’t read it. But this current attitude that everyone needs to be respectful of everyone else all the time is kinda hard to accept when you’re a writer… If you’re writing comedy, sometimes you gotta take some chances. Some people won’t like it. Some will.

    And I agree with you on the rest of the season. This is what I’ve always wanted: a bunch of strong players after the merge. Let’s see them fight it out in the challenges and hopefully have enough brains to make some big moves. And hopefully there are no “personal story” distractions to tilt the game in someone’s favor. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

    Now, back to the Cowboys-Chiefs game!

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