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I think that this season of Survivor has been the first season of either Big Brother or Survivor that I’ve actually liked while blogging for at the same time. That may be a slight overstatement, because I did like other seasons of Survivor that have been on the past few seasons, but I’m not sure I actually liked them WHILE they were on – it was more afterwards, I sat back and thought about it – and realized I liked it. This time around, I think I actually like this season. I’m not saying it’s the best season of Survivor I’ve ever watched, but it’s been far and away the best season of the past five, at the very least. Maybe 10. Just in my opinion. Yes, the Boston Rob vs. Russell season was pretty epic, but when you REALLY look at that season, it was actually pretty boring, with Rob just bossing everyone around and CBS all but showing the cards they dealt in guaranteeing Rob the $1 million prize as long as he came back to the show and boosted their ratings, that weren’t in the tank at that point, but aiming that way. He revitalized Survivor and got it back going in the right direction, only to have the producers cast a bunch of idiots the following however many seasons up until this one. And, even this season isn’t being held up by the new cast members, but mostly Phillip, Cochran, and Corinne. And Brandon’s crazy. 

Let’s not forget that crazy. 

I’m putting it on record right now that if Brandon’s crazy doesn’t win Survivor Player of the Year, I’m going to spend the rest of my life proving this show is rigged.

Anyway, on to the episode, where the Bikal tribe (seriously, just merge at this point, because I can’t keep straight which tribe is Gota and which is Bikal) is congratulation Michael about “making it.” Yeah, great job, Michael, we didn’t vote you out! Congrats on that. Your mother would be so proud about your accomplishment, in which you had absolutely no say in, and just sat there as people voted for someone else. Wow, you really pushed the boundaries with that showcase you just put on, Michael. You should be showered with praise from the cast of fools who just didn’t vote you out.

“I got my gay.”

Again, Michael, you should be so proud. I wonder if he’s at home, watching this season, and Corinne’s “gay” statements and just cringing like he should be.

Speaking of Corinne, am I alone in thinking she became prettier the dirtier and grungier she’s gotten this season? Maybe it’s just because she has a nice body and is walking around in a bra and panties all hour long, but I think I’m going to go ahead and give her the Scott Ottersen Survivor Kiss of Death by calling her pretty and saying I like her a little. Except when they zoom in on her face and all you see is that Koopa mouth of hers. Other than that, I’m ok with myself calling her pretty. Self, you’ve got the green light. Presume in Mission Corinne IS Cute. After 20 days on Survivor. And, only while in a bra and underwear.

For a second, I thought we were going to be given the sad, Dawn-is-crying scene where she tells us she misses her family, isn’t cut out for the game, and wants to go home. But, instead, they throw us for a loop and for once, a person is actually crying because they’re so invested in winning this game that it moves them to tears thinking that they’re going to make the same mistake they made the last time they played. As cute as that scene was, Dawn, I hate to break it to you, but you have NO CHANCE of winning this game. No chance. You’d have to win the rest of the immunity challenges, and somehow become the most vocal person at camp, getting everyone to switch their votes WHILE they’re all voting. And, I mean like when they have the pen in their hand, Dawn needs to be back at the bench like “Go ahead, mother f*cker, vote them out. See what’s waiting back at camp for you.” Yes, straight fear is the only way she’s winning this game. She’s too nice, and sweet, and motherly. Those types never win this game. They simply can’t do enough. And, it’s too late for her to start talking strategy with people who have already laid out HER strategy for her to change anyone’s mind about the fact that she’s a follower, not a leader. Although, followers have won this game before, so what the hecky do I know?

6 thoughts on “SURVIVOR: FANS VS FAVORITES -4/3/13

  1. I was thinking the EXACT thing about Malcolm and Corinne’s strategy. They should have “gone along” with Philip.. It boggles my mind why they wouldn’t have realized that. I thought they were smarter than what they showed yesterday.

  2. Well, let’s not go over the top here, everglades! We shouldn’t give these folks the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the intelligence department. I think the time to stop being surprised by the stupidity these people continue to show has come upon us… 🙂

  3. I have to agree. I always have high hopes for my favorites and I’m always disappointed. haha

  4. A few observations on another hilarious commentary.

    As much as I love Malcolm, I actually cheered for Cochran when he finally won a challenge. The comment that Malcolm made about crossing that particular achievement off Cochran’s “bucket list” was priceless.

    If I never see another image of Dawn’s ugly-ass simpering face, it will be too soon. Just as God made pretty people and ugly people, He also blessed some people with the ability to cry in an attractive way, while others look like a damn teary train wreck. (Dawn, take note. If you must cry around the cameras, put the buff over your head. Better yet, your face.)

    I SOOOOOOOOO want Malcolm to win this thing, so I hated that his “big move” was exposed by Dawn. More than anything, however, I can’t stand the notion of that jackass Phillip walking around thinking he’s “right” or “in charge” of ANYTHING in that game. I’d rather see a million-dollar check made out to Russell or Brandon Hantz.

    What I WOULD love to see? During the live reunion show, the producers present a check to Phillip for $100K, but instead of Sheppard’s name on the check, it’s made out to a psychotherapist specializing in narcissistic personality disorder.

  5. Dawn is beginning to seem to me to be the “kiss of death” in this game for people who decide to strategize for her. Also, just because a move you made was the downfall in your last game, it doesn’t mean that it will be this time. Two different games, two different groups of players, etc. etc. Also, like you said Scott, she’s not going to win anyways so technically it’s all her downfall.

    I seriously CANNOT stand Philip. I’m considering crowning him the Rachel of Survivor. He’s the player who will cause you to miss enough weeks of the show for him to get voted out, then you pick up watching again. He’s that annoying.

    Also, Scott, you mentioned in your last episode recap (I think) that none of these players have seen Malcom’s season. I’m assuming you meant because it would have been airing while they were filming. SO, if they haven’t seen his season, but he’s earned “favorite” status, why do you think the players aren’t questioning him more about his season and how successful he was? I mean, he’s a favorite for a reason, I know I’d be wondering what his story was if it were me.

  6. Hey heathyygirl, Phillip could NEVER compare to how annoying Rachel was! You take that back right now! 🙂 Yes, he’s annoying, but just based off of Rachel’s “fake” laugh alone, she’s the most annoying person in the history of people God created.

    And, it’s 100% true that none of the contestants have seen Malcolm’s season. It was airing while they were filming. Chances are, though, that some of these folks don’t know how successful other “favorites” have been, either, because they may not have watched the season or whatever else the reason may be. So, I’d assume the first few days were spent with questions being asked, like, “How did you do in your season?” or “What didn’t the cameras show that got you ousted?” That kind of stuff. CBS just chose to leave that out for whatever reason. It probably didn’t have any effect on the outcome of the first few weeks, so they just left it be. It’s like with Russell when he did his second stint on the show. Nobody knew how “evil” he was, but he was on the “evil” tribe. I’m sure they asked him why, CBS just chooses not to show us.

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