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Jeff’s sweet voice instantly makes me forget any hatred I have toward the show. I’m addicted, and I know it.

Jeff, I can’t quit you!

Beauty shots of Fiji abound as we get our first real glimpse of the players. And no, I didn’t watch the 6-minute tease today because I really wanted to go in virginal. That’s the last time I’ll ever type that phrase, btw…

As the frigate plows in, we get the deets: 39 days, 18 people, 1 survivor!

Now I understand what’s going on. I think I started drinking too early today… The captain of the frigate starts yelling things in some foreign language, and I guess the players are told to “take their seats.” Sh*t’s getting real.

What we learn from Jeff’s introductory statements:

-Ben is humble
-Chrissy is loaded, and has great teeth

-Cole is great dude
-Dr. Viagra is already coming off as weird. And when he says he’s going to “rise to the occasion,” I’m wondering if anyone else is picking up our first dick joke of the season…

-Ali is a personal assistant (seriously, that’s all we can pull out of this tribe?)
-The Reincarnation of Cockring is painful to look at in that turtleneck (which is the same color as half the people’s skin on this boat already. Seriously, no sunblock provided at Ponderosa pre-game?).

Jeff informs us that when he calls “go” everyone needs to scramble to collect items off the boat and get them to their dinghy anchored 50 yards off the port side, and we’re shown a Secret Advantage is stashed amongst some bananas. Jeff informs them that once he rings a bell, the tribes need to get all 6 members over to their dinghies and row ashore, where one tribe member will need to be lifted up and light their torch in a firepot that’s 15’ off the ground. Winning tribe gets a huge fire-making kit, second place gets flint, third place gets some sunblock (I hope)… Jeff yells “go!”

And everyone goes batsh*t crazy and starts jumping overboard. Seriously, guys, you need to bring s**t with you! Everyone is just throwing supplies, food, and crates into the water, without any rhyme or reason what they’re doing (or who’s below in the water!). Something tells me these people haven’t played (or watched) Survivor very much. In the scramble, a crate a lifted and thrown overboard, revealing the Secret Advantage. By pure dumb luck, Cockring 2 strolls over and finds it and now needs to hide it. If he can just find a place to stash it in his pants, he’d be golden, but something tells me he’s not used to having bulges in his pants. I think he sticks it in his anus and jumps overboard…

The tribes make their way to the dinghies and attempt to get everything in, including themselves. The Healers and Heroes seem to have figured it out, while the Hustlers are waiting for instructions on how to row. Uh, I think we’ve found our “No Collars” tribe.

And damn, I just got a pop-up notification that Hugh Hefner died. That sucks. The guy who introduced me to boobs and pubes leaves us tonight. Godspeed, Captain!

Sure enough, the Healers and Heroes make it to the beach first, and rush to secure their dinghy and untie a torch. When it’s briefly discussed who should be lifted, Roark is nominated because she’s the lightest, and in the first revealing soundbite from a contestant this season, she screams,

“No way!”

But, they lift her up anyway and she – fortunately for her – she successfully gets her torch lit. The Heroes do the same a few moments later, and in what can only be described as the “perfect camera angle,” the Hustlers tribe can be seen in the background, floating offshore, not even facing the beach. Um, isn’t the softball chick a fisherwoman? Shouldn’t she be knowledgeable in a boat? We’ll see who takes the blame for this… Jeff sums it up perfectly,

“The Hustler tribe is still trying to figure out what show they’re on!”

Perfect. But, he’s wearing a black shirt, so he’s being d**khead Jeff.

He sends everyone away, and unfortunately, the tribes must row their dinghies to their camps, so I wonder if the Hustler tribe is going to make it before nightfall. Ali gives us the first confessional of the season and says she hopes her tribe can pull it together. I’m thinking the Hustlers are going to Tribal first. But first impressions are so unreliable.

Healers arrive first and the first thing we notice is that Jessica is already thinking with her cooter. She’s enamored with Cole, and wants to form an alliance with his c**k right now. Joe is already being set up as this season’s Tony, and with the resemblance and accent, I wonder if his tribe will notice that too. He’s definitely cocky…

Over to the Hero tribe and everyone’s working hard at building shelter. This tribe seems to know how to build a shelter, but let’s see what happens when they start talking, and not just working. Sure enough, Ashley and JP head off to collect firewood, and they discuss aligning with Cowboy (Ben) to form a strong three. Nearby, Alan is hearing some rumblings, so he too starts playing the game and agrees with Cowboy the tribe needs to stay strong. Their plan is to bring in JP and Ashley, and that should run the show for a while. The “Mom Squad,” Chrissy and Jerry Garcia will have to do their own scrambling…

Off to the Hustler tribe and at least they found their camp, I gotta give ‘em that. Softball seems to be good at giving out orders, and everyone else is busy trying to stay busy. Ali tells us she likes what she sees in Patrick, so they have a little chat about working together.

The topic of the Secret Advantage comes up and since no one wants to admit they found it, they go back to working. Bellhop Ryan informs us he’s still got the idol in his pants, and amusingly, this is the first time “somebody is trying to get in his pants.” I guess I’m calling him the Virgin from now on. And is anyone else grossed out that he’s referring to himself getting in his own pants? Isn’t that a surefire way to get kicked off Survivor? Is he going to jerk off during confessional?

Nevertheless, the Virgin begs for a poop break and finds some solitude. He pulls a shriveled thing out of his pants (oh behave!) and it’s a leather satchel with a scroll inside. He reads the clue and tells us he’s won a SuperIdol, which gives him the ability to play it AFTER the votes are read at Tribal, but the catch is that it can only be used at the 1st Tribal Council.

And…if by chance the Hustlers are not at the 1st Tribal (yeah, right), then he must will it to someone on the losing tribe. This seems like a clever way to put a target on someone’s back early on (particularly a stronger player?) but it’s also a good way to put a target on your own back at the same time. He boasts that he’s the strongest player in the game now, but that strength comes with a price. And hell, we all know the Hustlers are going to the 1st Tribal anyway, so who are we kidding? Softball or Cindy Starfall is going home…

Day 2 at the Healers tribe and Mike really wants to look for an idol. He confesses that since his 10-year-old son knows how to play the game, Mike thinks he knows how to play the game. He lies to the others and says he’s going to “check on the fire” but really goes out to do some recon on where the idol may be.

Joe, meanwhile, has his BS meter cranked up “to 11” and tells the tribe he’s going to confront Mike about searching for the idol. He pulls Dr. Dick aside and tries to bully him into revealing he found an idol. And what guys like Joe (idiots, jarheards, meatheads) don’t seem to realize, is that bullying doesn’t really work on adults. In fact, it’ll put more of a target on your muscled ass, than it would on a weaker player. And in a tribe of Healers, I don’t think bullies would be appreciated. Tread lightly, L’il Tony…

At the Hustler Casino, Ryan has a moment to sit down with Devon and reveals the Secret Advantage he found. Not sure the bellhop understands the meaning of the word “secret,” but any time a guy like Ryan can align with a stud like Devon, you know he’s going to. It’s just the way the world works… Devon is “totally stoked” that Ryan may play the idol for him (he confesses) but we didn’t hear Ryan say that to us. We’ll see how this plays out…

Night falls over the Heroes camp and something’s wrong. I’m seeing rats. And I’m seeing JP & Ashley’s first fight, and I’m seeing Alan go batshit crazy and accuse JP of having an idol. It’s not even clever how he’s playing this. He just looks like a madman, and when JP volunteers to strip search to prove he doesn’t have an idol stuck up his ass, it’s obvious who’s already lost it on Day 2. Alan confesses he knows he looks bonkers right now, but he doesn’t realize HOW bonkers he looks. If he doesn’t sidle up to the Mom Squad and start dropping hints about laying some pipe on them, Mr. Personal Foul could be going home soon. Please Hammer, don’t hurt ‘em…

It’s Day 3 and our first Immunity Challenge of the season awaits. There’s a cart, a course, and some table mazes, so this looks like a great introduction to John Kirhoffer’s challenge design abilities. Let’s see what Jeff pulls out of his butt to surprise us some more.

-he describes the challenge
-he shows us the best boobs this season are on the Immunity Idols
-he mentions that ties at Tribal Council render the tied participants back in the vote. Not sure what that means at this moment, but I’m distracted trying to find that old issue of Playboy from 1985 with Barbi Benton…

Jeff releases the hounds and the game is once again…afoot. Tribes are relatively even through the cart phase, but the Heroes reach the table mazes first. They choose to do Maze #3, then Hustlers choose #1, leaving the Healers to complete table maze #2. But first, the tribes need to lug the table maze up a ramp. For some reason, the bellhop elects to be one of the pullers for the Hustlers, and L’il Tony takes forever to climb up the Healers ladder. Could this spell doom for another meathead bald guy at Tribal #1?

Heroes have Chrissy and the Cowboy working their maze.
Hustlers have Devon and Ali on theirs.
Healers have the Viagra King and Des on the pole…

Healers land the first ball, with Roark’s support.
Hustlers see their first ball drop into a slot.
Heroes tie it up.
Healers land their second.
Heroes sneak ahead of Hustlers and get #2 to fall.
…followed soon after by the Hustlers with ball #2.
And not getting to choose their table maze means nothing as the Healers get their final ball in its hole.

And isn’t that what a sex doctor is used to doing…?

And in what may only be described as a photo finish, the Hustlers get their final ball to drop into its slot seconds ahead of the Heroes tribe, so let’s see what chaos Alan may have caused last night with his crazy ramblings…

But…we’ve got a situation here as Chrissy drops to the floor and gets a little woozy. And, now she’s throwing up, and thanks, Survivor editors for showing that to us. You could have had someone just TELL us she threw up… What was that, coconut and rice?

But, this is probably the perfect time to get sick, because now Ryan has someone who he can give his Secret Idol to, and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be the chick who just threw up on Jeff’s shoes. But let’s see what pre-Tribal scrambling will produce…

Back at the Heroes camp, the chatter starts when Chrissy and Katrina head off to collect firewood. The other four confirm they’re solid, but Alan still has those crazy eyes which tells me he’s not solid with anything. He confesses he still wants to target JP or Ashley, and later finds Katrina to discuss options. She claims to be willing to work with him, whereas he claims “no one’s discuss strategy” with him. When he loudly calls Chrissy over to chat with them, that gets the attention of Cowboy, who comes over as well. It’s loosely decided that Ashley should be the one to go, and when Alan and Cowboy finally have a private chat, they confirm that.

But Cowboy confesses how upset he is that Alan had to blow things up. They had a strong 4 in place, and now the entire tribe is running around like one of Tai’s chickens. But, he knows he and Alan are in a position of choosing which side of their tribe they want to lean towards, and we’ll see what other complications arise.

And sure enough, Chrissy notices a new bulge in her bag and steals away to find out what’s this leather pouch is all about. Naturally, the weakest player with an idol is going to reward the weakest player on another tribe and give her immunity. Things could get interesting…

She reads the note and instantly realizes how important this twist is, and more importantly knows she’s not going anywhere tonight. So, with 4 people on her tribe on the chopping block, the decision she makes could dictate a lot for the Heroes tribe. The Heroes head off to Tribal, and I can’t wait…to mix another cocktail…with Skyy Vodka!

Tribal Council is upon us as players file in for their first taste of someone’s Survivor Last Supper. Somebody is going home tonight, and it ain’t Judas. And it ain’t Chrissy, so let’s see what Jeff has up his sleeve for the first round of Survivor: Jeopardy.

-Ben confirms the game moves fast
-Chrissy starts the sh*tstorm by saying she didn’t feel like she belonged on this tribe and calls out the 4 strongest players – by name – on the tribe.
-Katrina confirms that she felt like she could be the first to go too
-Ashley admits there’s a lot “that you never know”

Jeff asks for an explanation…

-She tells Jeff about the accusation Alan made towards JP and Ashley…
-and Alan retorts their denial doesn’t mean squat to him.
-JP wants to know how he’s involved, and wants to drop his drawers again to prove he doesn’t have an idol. Everyone except Alan and Ben agree to that…
-Ashley says the idea that she and JP are a “power couple” is ludicrous.
-Alan corrects her and says it’s spelled Ludacris.
-he then spills the beans that Katrina and Chrissy’s names have been mentioned as 1st out
-Katrina asks Jeff if he has a roach clip, because she really needs to mellow out a bit. She suggests the tribe gets off on the right foot and be honest with each other, so they can set the right tone (uh, has she seen the show before?)
-Ben says it’s time for some Damage Control

Not sure what’s gonna happen but I hope it’s Alan going home. I just don’t like that kind of drama on Day 2, and did you see how crazy his eyes were? I seriously think he had a screw come loose and it’s time to cut their losses. There’s no way that Chrissy lets Katrina go home, right? Actually, I think there’s no way she should let Alan go home either, so I guess that means it’s Ashley. Maybe Ashley shouldn’t have tried to perform CPR on JP so early in the game…?

Players head off to vote, and it occurs to me if Chrissy doesn’t mind the outcome of the initial result, she can choose to NOT play the Secret Advantage, and no shade will be thrown at her back at camp. Oooohh, I’m so excited to see what happens. Jeff collects the votes and asks for Hidden Immunity Idols. None are played, he reads the votes:


And as Katrina slowly rises to bring her torch over to Jeff, camera keeps coming back to Chrissy, who’s playing this moment for maximum drama. Yet, she’s not doing anything. Hey, Chrissy, this is the chance for you to save the only other person you’re really aligned with and keep you in the game longer. Chrissy, can you hear me yelling at the TV!? Chrissy!

Nothing. She lets Katrina walk up to Jeff, and when her torch is snuffed, she’s done.

Boom goes the Phish Concert. Chrissy, what have you done!?

Sure, she thinks she’s keeping the tribe stronger. But now, she’s at the bottom of the totem pole in alliances, strength, and even gender. That could have been the dumbest move of the season, and we’re only 54 minutes in. I’m seriously stumped.

Seriously, when have players – given the chance to make a BIG move – turn down that opportunity? Remember last season, and every recent one, when ANY opportunity to add to your resume was a given? What happened to that? I can’t wait to see how she explains this one to Katrina at the Reunion show…

Next time on…Survivor!

Chrissy and the Cowboy are knockin’ boots…
Cole and Jessica are knockin’ swim fins…
And Ali wants to divorce Patrick for giving her crabs…

In Katrina’s final words, she’s still falling back on that, “I’m an Olympian” boast, so I guess that’s her standard excuse when sh*t goes south. Good for you, and good for you the catering staff can score you the best weed on the island. I’m sure you’ll be dining on brownies and pop tarts in a few hours. Party on, Wayne…

Alrighty then, what did you all think of tonight’s episode? Any wonder why it wasn’t a 2-hour premiere? Looking at this cast, I really don’t see any memorable players after one episode. Or anyone who may be invited back for another season. I’m anxious to hear who you might think stood out amongst these players…

That’s gonna wrap it up for tonight. I need to throw out a huge thank you to anyone who’s read thus far, and who’s stayed faithful throughout the seasons. This is now the 8th season of Survivor I’m recapping for Reality Steve, and I hope to god they’re getting better. Sometimes, it’s hard to find something to laugh at when watching people act the fool on TV, but that’s why we’ve been tuning in since 2000. So, no matter how crotchety I sound, I’ve earned that right by remaining faithful for 17 years.

“I went to a shrink to analyze my dreams,
She says it’s lack of sex that’s bringing me down…”


  1. “At least she brings a little eye candy to the show as we’ll hopefully see her lose some of that baby fat from those power thighs”…. I’m going to pretend that: a. You didn’t just write that and b. I didn’t just read that
    Unlike you, I enjoy the themes. I find they add a little something. I do wish they brought back some recurring players, instead of a whole new crop. But I guess it’s time for fresh meat. I just pine for Ken and Ozzy regularly.
    I agree with you on practically all other counts. Alan should have gone home (WHAT A NUT) and I was also shocked that the special immunity wasn’t played. However, it probably would have backfired, placing an enormous target on her back. Even though she’s at the bottom of the ladder already.
    As for the whole take the knee thing – although we are Canadian, my husband is a die-hard NFL fan (he cheers for the sucky Chargers…) and we both agree that not standing for the national anthem is a complete a**hole move. Heck, just last week we went to an MLS game where two TFC fans got into a fight because one didn’t want to take off his hat for the anthem, and the other thought it was disrespectful. It’s your national anthem. If you have something to protest, the 2-3 minute sign of respect for your country is NOT the appropriate time. And this is coming from a millennial. I swear I was born in the wrong decade…
    Keep the awesome recaps coming, and don’t worry about them being long – the longer, the better! Until next week, mate!

  2. Hello my friend . Lets eat drink be merry and talk Survivor!!!! I hate Joe. Hate bullies and this loudmouth is the ultimate bully. I like the urologist. No problem with dick jokes so I hope he goes far . Ali is a personal assistant. Well okay I am e mailing the boss requesting I get a personal assistant after this . Fish we will probably never see another coconuts. Ali is a fine consolation prize . Something about her . Jessica to me is good looking but of the dime a dozen beauty type. I see those girls all over town . Alan is flipping nuts. I have known dudes for 30 years and never once asked them to drop their drawers. He did it in one freaking day. Crazy don’t stay long on Survivor. I support anyones right to protest . No matter how dumb. Boy is this one dumb. NFL players protesting cops. Well mutha f&*((ckers we know why you hate cops . 855 arrests in 17 years . That’s why you hate cops. You hate cops so much one of you Michael Bennett lies about being racially profiled . In Vegas . Where there are cameras EVERYWHERE. You ignorant tool. St Louis Mo 2017 141 murders . 114 black . 96 murder suspects . All black. 8 people shot by cops . At least two were white. All had criminal records and were armed . Simple math you are 16 times more likely to be black and killed by a black (96/6) . If you are arrested and don’t pull a gun you wont be killed at all. Yet you want me to believe in your police brutality BS? Are there bad cops ? Abso freaking lutely . Do we want them punished ? Abso freaking lutely . Do cops who have spent 15 years on the force , interacted with thousands of blacks decide on a random Tuesday to shoot one for no reason. Nope . Bad cops shoot people because they feel powerful and entitled. They don’t care about skin color.

  3. Hello again!

    Was hoping we’d have more comments by now, but I’m happy to be responding to these two. I hope others feel the need to voice their opinions…

    Lil! You know, there haven’t been many times where I’ve felt the need to apologize over something I’ve written, but looks like it’s time to do that again. For some reason, the tendency to fat shame is one of the things that comes easy to me, because I’ve always found it easy to tease those without perfect bodies. This goes back a long way, but that’s no excuse. I’m sorry if you were offended, but believe me, part of what I do is based on letting a lot of guard (and common sense) down, and just let words flow onto paper. I cross lines, but that’s kind of the point of writing a recap like this. However, when sober, I totally get what you’re saying. I shouldn’t do it, but I do. And that’s my bad…. But I’m glad the rest of your comment was positive. Thank you for writing in.

    I think it’s hard to mix new players with old ones because the returning players have reputations that precede them. The only way it works is if it starts out: Returning Players vs. New Players, and let the game dictate who stays. But even then, the Returning players have a tad of an advantage at the outset. I’m kinda thinking we need some kind of Celebrity Survivor to bring some media attention to the game. I get the feeling the only ones who pay attention to the game are superfans, and no one else. As I’ve said before, no one I know watches Survivor, and I live in LA where there’s a lot of attention paid to TV shows and reality “stars.” I’m just wondering why I haven’t seen anything from Coach in a while on Twitter, so I’m wondering if Survivor: Legends is shooting now. (TBH, Survivor never shoots this time of year, so there’s little chance of S: L shooting, but I’m curious why he’s dropped off Twitter).

    Thank you for agreeing with much of what I said. Yes, Alan = crazy, and that SuperIdol should have been put to some use. From everything I’ve seen, Chrissy was not as close to Katrina as the cut made us believe, which is why the SuperIdol wasn’t played. I get the show needed us to think there was a chance that it could be played, but once again, the show didn’t show us a lot of the footage because they wanted to create some drama. Don’t know if withholding the “Chrissy isn’t on board with Katrina” info outweighs the “Chrissy may play the SuperIdol on her Mom Squad pal,” but that’s television for you. They choose their arcs, we have no idea what other footage exists.

    I’m a fan of your husband. I’ve followed the Chargers for years because they were SoCal’s only good team for years. I still like them better than the Rams. And thank you for commenting (positively) on my Take A Knee essay. I still don’t see why more isn’t being done to deal with this controversy. These players are “at work,” and should be made to follow some rules set forth by their employers. Especially because of how much money they make. Regardless of what they think, they’re entertainers, tasked with maintaining the entertainment value of the NFL. As soon as they brought politics into it, there should have been immediate repercussions. Now, the protest has taken on a whole new mojo, and it could have been avoided. Those with the gold make the rules. We need to remember that…

    Keep writing in! Or just keep reading and enjoying them. Give me some time to get back into a groove. Columns always improve the deeper we go. Go Canada!

    Ricky baby! How’s the BBQ business? Good to hear from you, bro. Here’s some snippets.

    Joe – yes, he blows. (why do they cast assholes?)
    Dick man is all yours. I hate his accent…
    A personal assistant is like saying you have a butler. And I don’t see Ali and Alfred from Gotham as the same. And the fact she’s a personal assistant to some YouTube boob makes it worse. How hard is having a YouTube channel? But you can have her. To me, she looks like a combination of Larry, Curly and Moe… Take away that hair, slap on a dude’s haircut, and you’ve got a man, baby…
    Jessica is a solid 7 in LA. Nothing special about her. Maybe I’m just bitter because there are no 9s or 10s this season. The hottest chick is Desi, and she’s nowhere near Coconuts, Rachel, Angie Layton, So or (crosses chest) Amanda… What happened to boob jobs!?

    Not gonna add anything to your stats, you seem to be on top of all of that. All I know is that race plays a huge part in so many problems, and the only thing that’ll make it go away is to stop calling attention to race. The longer protests bring race into the discussion, the longer there will be separation of races. I wrote an article for another site where I said, “Let’s take a breath and realize that not every statement we make needs to be evaluated on whether it considers everyone’s feelings. I’ll let you in on a little secret. One of the signs your ethnic group/race/gender/identity is truly evolved – and equal – is that we CAN make fun of you like we make fun of everyone else.” So, let us make fun of you, you can make fun of us, and we’ll all sit at the same table. Don’t tell us there are no words that white people can’t use against blacks, and we won’t say shit when you call us “crackers.” Deal? If not, then we’re in for a ton of more bullshit because some people don’t like hearing controversial words. Until they do, it’s “them” against “them” against “the others.”

    But…we’re here to talk about Survivor, so let’s not get distracted… Rick, keep reading, and keeping commenting. And tell that boss of yours to write in too. I’m lonely…

    Have a great week everyone. I’ll see you on Thursday or Friday…

  4. I only took offense because I have thick thighs myself… haha. And I am super self conscious, obviously! Lol
    A celeb edition of Survivor would be INCREDIBLE. You need to pitch that idea! FYI created an account JUST to be able to comment on your recaps 😉 so exciting!

  5. Oh about the super idol. I was at first thinking why not play it ! I thought about it and have a theory . If she plays it she puts a target on her back . If she doesn’t she can show it to her tribe and say look she needed to go but I can help win challenges and I am loyal. Lets break up the couple or you two guys are screwed. Also she has the option to go to the couple . Hey look you know they are gunning for you . Lets work as a threesome ( I will volunteer to tape) . She has two very plausible options to make a big move early .

  6. Very late to watching the episode. I won’t say much since i’ll just be regurgitating what has already been written. As for the super idol, didn’t the previews hint that she is passing it off as a regular idol. Smart move, not sure why I did not think of that before the preview. OK I’ll restate one thing, major disappointment in the eye candy.

  7. Sorry I’m so late to the party! We were out of town and just watched last night. Overall, I’m less than impressed with this bunch of yahoos. Alan is nuts and not in a funny strategic way like he seems to think. He’s nuts in the “I want him off my TV” way.

    Joe is also nuts in a bad way. At one point, we actually paused the TV to try and read Joe’s tattoos to see if “VLACHOS” was inked on there somewhere (yeah, we were drunk). But seriously, he’s like the Brandon Hantz of Tony’s family. I miss Ken.

    As far as kneeling during the anthem goes, I’ll be perfectly honest and just say that I see both sides of this argument. I think our country has a lot of problems and I agree with you, Fish, that I think it was the wrong way to go about it. And now with our current “leader” it has turned into a massive sh*t show. These guys make a gajillion dollars to throw balls around while Puerto Ricans are getting hit in the head with paper towels thrown by our president. What a mess.

  8. One last comment before tonight’s episode…

    Rick: Yeah, totally see the benefit of Chrissy saying, “Look how loyal I am!” But…that also brings up the topic of “Why didn’t you tell us about it BEFORE Tribal?” I think she’ll just keep it as a souvenir… And liking your thoughts on playing both sides. We’ll find out tonight…

    Doc! Welcome back, my friend. Yes, good point. Chrissy playing it as a real idol would be very smart. Wonder why I didn’t think of that… And you and I think alike. Eye Candy is there for the ladies, but not so much for the dudes. Let’s see what happens when hunger becomes the trending fashion.

    Hi Jen! Thanks for coming back! You and me are in the same boat on Alan. Just. Kinda. Freaky. And again, you and I agree on Joe as well. Not the approach to win the game with… And thank you for seeing my point (“if you’re here, and I’m here, then isn’t it ‘our point’?”) on the kneeling thing. Such a misguided “protest.” This week, My Two Cents is on Gun Control. Can’t wait to write it…

    Have a great day, everyone!

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