Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your beers! Welcome to the Circus Maximus, where all chariot races have been postponed until further notice. Today, it’s wiener dog races and ostrich polo. So sorry if you came for the chariots…

As you can see, I’m already drinking and going off on tangents. Once again, last week has been an interesting one in the Fish bowl, but you probably don’t care, and I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so let’s just move on. I will say, I received some good news this week, so let’s hope it leads to greener pastures in the Fish bowl… Or a bigger aquarium…

First off, congratulations to Sergio Garcia for winning the Masters. That was an awesome weekend of golf. Talk about getting one of the biggest monkeys off one’s back. I’m sure the only guys who kinda know how he feels are Lee Westwood and Colin Montgomerie, but those names probably mean nothing to you, so let’s keep moving forward. I’m going to be doing just that with this new set of … Continue reading

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Howdy, friends! Glad you could make it to another recap of the greatest reality show on television. Not sure when this column will be posted, due to me watching the Masters, heading off to work, and mostly due to all the Luke Pell drama that unfolded on this week, meaning the servers may be down…

Damn, that boy created a s**t storm, didn’t he? Honestly, I don’t know my Luke Pell’s from my Pall Mall’s, so I think we should just leave that to RealitySteve. I don’t follow the Bachelor franchise like I used to, and I haven’t even watched The Amazing Race yet. Truth be told, I didn’t even watch any episodes last season, so no spoilers, please! Let’s just focus on Survivor.

From the teasers we’ve seen, we know the following:

-someone is paying us a visit (Boston Rob! he tweeted about it on Sunday) -someone is going to Exile Island -and let’s drop those buffs, folks, the game is afoot!

And just when certain players were certain to face their doom … Continue reading

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Another week, another series of highs and lows in the Fish Bowl. No need to get into it right now, since the only other person who goes through as many pendulum swings is Debbie. I truly think she’s on the brink of something. Mutiny? Redemption? A nervous breakdown…?

And while I don’t want to be the guy who makes fun of anyone with a mental disorder, I do want to be the guy who makes fun of the “reality star” who thinks she’s a big-time player and knows what’s up…on her 2nd time playing!

But what about the Debbie Wanner we don’t know? Who is she? Where did she come from? What does she really do for a living? I don’t care about any of that, but I do care about the scandalous things she did in her past. Excuse me, what? Scandalous? You seriously didn’t know about her scandalous past? Well, let the Fish enlighten you about something Debbie did long before she earned the title of Reality Show Moron.

Now, … Continue reading

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