Episode 7! We’re over the midseason hump. And let’s see if that word applies to two of our favorite castaways… Methinks we’ll be seeing a little more of someone’s backside tonight, and I hope it’s not J.P.

So, it’s been another eventful week here in the good ole U. S. of A(rms). Oops, I promised I wouldn’t be political anymore… Screw that, the bartender arrived early, and while I could drop another rant about gun control right now, I think I’ll let Steve Kerr say it best. Seek out that interview if you wanna hear the most common-sense view about guns in America. I’m not kidding, it’s perfect. And, BTW, I’d post the link, but it’d probably hyperlink to a picture of Kerr’s butt, and we don’t wanna upset anyone with unwanted nudity, right…?

And he’s a sports guy! What’s he talking about guns for? The same reason I have, because people have opinions, and sometimes they make sense. And we don’t care if you agree with us or not. We’re not voicing our opinions … Continue reading

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A howdy doo to all of you and we obviously have a few things to discuss. First off, let me just state the obvious…the Dodgers were outclassed, outplayed, outcoached, and outperformed. There’s no other way to put it. And what makes it even worse is this whole city expected to win. It was in the bag. That’s the thing I’ve always noticed about L.A., we just expect things to go our way.

-maybe if Dave Roberts thought about “the feel” of the game instead of Sabermetrics? -maybe if Cody Bellinger realized you need to change things up when you hit a skid? -maybe if someone listened to Steve Garvey?

But you know what? The city of Houston had a sh**ty year, so let’s hope their first World Series cheers them up a little bit. Call it…Karmic Payback. And hopefully the Dodgers will learn a thing or two about playing up to the challenge. You need to rise to the occasion in these games, and not just expect Clayton Kershaw to win every game for you…

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My reality show mistress (Survivor) had to wait patiently at the Motel 6 while I attended to my spouse (Dodgers) while she played late into the night. But she’s gone now, and I’m at the Motel 6 ready to bang this out. I hope you’re okay with my affair…

And now, it’s time to crack open this infidelitous (that’s not a word) wh*re Survivor, and see what drama she’s about to unleash.

And if I’m speaking too negatively about our beloved Survivor, it’s only because they allowed lifeguard Ashley to tweet something today about tonight’s episode meaning SO MUCH to her, that I’m wondering if she’s in trouble. Or is some CBS Social Media Coordinator in trouble for allowing Ashley to tweet that? Can the players just STAY OFF social media while the show is airing? Can’t we just go back to the way it used to be? Who’s in favor of a media blackout while “in season?” Come on, guys, let’s start a petition!

Ahhhh, screw it…

Okay, late start tonight because of the … Continue reading

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