SURVIVOR: WC vs BC vs NC – 4/1/15

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Hello campers, and welcome back for another dosage of Survivor Fish Oil. This week, I’m going to keep it a little lean as I’m with my family in Vegas, on Spring Break, and let’s just say that some people are not happy I’m taking a whole night to devote to Survivor. “Is that show still on TV?” I keep getting asked. Simpletons. But while no one in my house could give a rat’s ass about Survivor, I’m here for you guys, and I’m not backing down. Even if it means I’m not getting “lucky” tonight. As Robert Duvall once said,

“Family don’t surf…!”

Needless to say, this will be a relatively short column, but be assured I still aspire to leave you in stitches, Survivor gameplay contemplation, and referencing Wikipedia for a couple, “What the f**k he mean by THAT?!” We’ll see. I’m also using someone else’s pooter, so who knows what else might be off…

That said, let’s dive in and see which one of these supposed future All-Stars is packing it in tonight. And as you may recall, we’ve got the merge looming, and Boston Rod is going ape-s**t tonight for putting the kibosh on his Bromance.

JP recaps that after the tribe swap, Kelly was the lone “blue” wolf on Nagarote, still being looked after by her old BC buddies on the new Escameca tribe.

And one thing we can definitely look forward to is NO MORE THROWN CHALLENGES since we have a merge approaching. Also, with the Bowery Boys (Rodney and Guac) forming the first “power couple” of the season (they thought), those watchful Blue Collars identified a situation to deal with…a-mmediately (according to Mike, AKA “Super Dave”). So when Jeff called out Joaquin’s name on that last parchment, all Boston Rod could do was throw shade (and shoot glances) at everyone in the tribe he THOUGHT he could trust. Alas, 12 are left to deal with The Wrath of Con(tracting)…

Night 16 and you know we’re starting on the tribe returning from Tribal. Personally, I wouldn’t want to sleep in the same shelter, or even the same CAMP as Rodney after that blindside, but let’s see how he handles it. Tyler makes the first comment about how big of a blindside that was (as he was also blindsided) but Rodney wants to keep quiet about everything, as it’s apparent he’s stewing with anger. Mike decides to approach BR and invite him to share a private chat.

Essentially, Mike explains to BR why they did what they did, and what it means. BR, surprisingly, takes the “high road” and spins a tale about “trying to work Joaquin for info on the other tribe,” and maybe Mike’s buying it (maybe not) but it seems a little desperate. Gotta give him props for the Michael Jordan/Scottie Pippen reference, however it reached Magnum status when he compared himself to Luc Longley now. Classic. Wonder if Mike (or the rest of America) knew what he meant…

And at the end of their chat, Rodney tries to imply “I was always working for Blue Collar, bro,” but let’s see if anyone believes that when he starts making moves to take out his old BC mates.

And Blue Collar seems to be in hot water over at Nagarote, too (Day 17). Treemail arrives and informs the tribe they’ll “need to stick together” in order to “eat today,” and while Kelly think that means merge (I don’t know, do YOU get that from that clue?) but Will, Hali, Carolyn, Jenn, hell, even the Turtle Guide from last week doesn’t think it means merge, but we’ll see. What is revealing is how POORLY Kelly lies when going “deep undercover.” I swear, if she EVER had to do some serious undercover police work, someone’s family would be reaping the benefits of someone’s life insurance proceeds, because homegirl would be a terrible undercover drug buyer…

“Uh, yeah, Mr. Drug Dealer Man, I would like to purchase some chronic bud weeds from you…to get stoned on…” All she needs is Rupert’s tie-dye tank top to portray the perfect drug trafficker…

Needless to say, I’m not sure anyone’s buying her story she’s not aligned with anyone from the old Blue Collar tribe, but let’s see how the “greatest cast ever assembled” does at reading poker faces.

11 thoughts on “SURVIVOR: WC vs BC vs NC – 4/1/15

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  2. This was a pretty good episode. The producers couldn’t have written a better “script” than to have it rain on their monkey pole challenge. I was happy to see Joe win immunity. I’d like him to stay in the game.

    Do you think he and Sierra fix eachother’s hair? I mean…his always looks nice and how in the heck could she do her own french braid without a mirror? (The random stuff I think about when a challenge involves a lot of boring hanging around for the contestants)

    Jenn needs to get back to camp and find that other idol.

    I loved seeing that confused/upset expression on Rod’s face once again. Like a toddler about to throw his sucker in the dirt and pout. Awesome.

    Keep up the great recaps! Your excellent knowledge of survivor history and the snark with which it is delivered makes for fun reading.

  3. I was born and raised in Texas and I have never heard anyone say “Merica”. Okay, that is a lie but I have only heard people say it in a joking manner, for example if they are making fun of rednecks, which is what me and the only other liberal in the whole dang State do for fun.

  4. Perhaps I am on Survivor burnout, but this season seems lacking so far.

    I live in Chicago so I got the Luc Longley reference, but why in the world is Mr. Boston using the Bulls instead of Red Sox/Celtics/Briuns/Patriots for an obscure reference. Is Rodney even a real person or just a character manufactured for our humor? Funniest part of this episode for me was when Jenn (or was it Hali) asked Joe if Rodney is smart. The look on his face was f-ing priceless.

    I am not a fan of the merge so soon after new tribes have been formed. What was the point of going 3 tribes to 2 to 1 so quickly? Why not just 3 to 1?

    Is Yahoo woman going to known as Golden Shower girl at work now? Fat guy should have gone for it, I want a hook-up. He isn’t doing better in the real world.

    Perhaps I have been drinking too much, but the strategy of some players is beyond me.

    Will – Just flying all over the place – Joining a alliance of 5 by yourself seems suicidal

    The two WC’s who joined the BC’s, once again WHY? You are outnumbered by a bunch, the BC’s have the stronger guys. Smart move to me would be WC/NC alliance, start eliminating the strong BC’s and then adjust at some point to get rid of Joe .Carolyn and Kicker seemed to have made a big mistake.

    I also have a bone to pick with the producers. The showing of the Hali vote may have too much influence in the future. It was the confirmation of Will’s loyalty. However, actual vote had no bearing on the outcome. Why was it shown? Other episodes have not shown certain votes. I think all votes should be shown, no hiding of votes. Be consistent. So, I am being a bit hypocritical here. I think all vote should be shown, but following Survivor tradition where all votes are not shown, Will’s vote which had no bearing on who was booted, but has a bearing on he treated by the tribe, should not have been shown.

  5. Dang, I got all caught up in Survivor talk and forgot to wish Fish a happy vacation. I have not been to Vegas in 20 years, so much different now, plus I never took my family there (did not have one back then). I really hate family vacations, but, as they say, it is for the kids. Hopefully this helps you get Father of the Year votes.

  6. Such great comments. I am honored…

    hathor: Thanks! I’m glad you dig them. I guess there’s so much downtime around camp people there’s not much else to do than each other’s hair. It looks like Hali is doing everyone’s hair, and then there’s not enough time to do hers, as she always looks a mess… And yes, Jenn is in trouble. I totally glossed over the fact the BC/WC banded together to try to vote her out. Doesn’t look like that’s changing. RealitySteve actuall emailed me after the episode (he’s a big Survivor fan, BTW) to discuss Jenn’s tenuous standing. And OMG, Rodney could be used to sell baby bottles with his pout…

    erica: Good point. Another thing I didn’t think about while viewing the show (Vegas really had me off my game!). I guess they didn’t want to piss off a strong player if their plan failed…? IDK, what do you think?

    susie: You must feel like such a fish out of water! What’s funny is that he’s obviously doing his take on “murica,” but he couldn’t even get that right! Stupid rednecks are so precious, aren’t they…?

    doc: I agree on the burnout. I just think we had such high expectations and now we’re being let down. When the pendulum is supposed to swing high, it ends up swinging very low too… And yeah, I think I fell into a bromance with Joe on that expression… Yeah, what’s up with the pointless tribe swap!? What great television that would have been if they showed (pixilated, of course) Shirin peeing on Dan’s foot. Even if it wasn’t necessary, that was a moment missed by a Survivor producer in camp. I’m sure if a former producer from The Bachelor worked on Survivor, we’d have seen it… Will just seems too “deer in the headlights” on the gameplay aspect. I expected more after his flip on Vince. And perfect explanation of how to play the game when saying the 2 WC should have gone to the NC side. I think they’re doomed now, unless they think Carolyn’s idol will be a game-changer… I get your point on the reveal of Will’s vote, but maybe it was just one of the first votes selected? And I know they must reorder the votes in the urn based on dramatic impact (for both the viewers and the contestants) so I guess they just thought it was a dramatic moment they wanted to create. Know what I mean? It’s their show, they can do what they want… And a big thanks for the “Daddy shout-out!” I try to be a good one, but it’s tough some times. If I ever revealed what my personal life was really like, many would be amazed my family been’s able to hold it together for so long. Not saying we’re special, by any means, we just have a very unique situation at my place. Ooooh, secrets…!!!

    Thanks again, folks. Loving all your comments!

  7. Yes, it looks like Jenn is in trouble. I am just hoping that the greatest group of contestants ever, continues in their mind-blowing idiot decisions. From previews, perhaps Rodney makes another stupid move. (but why should we believe misleading previews)

    Perhaps Carolyn and Kicker, remember that that they are smart and figure out that (4 + 2) > 5. We may have learned that in 3rd grade. This formula ignores Will, I am
    guessing that he can be persuaded to vote for Malcolm who is not even in this season.

    Good luck with the family, I also have a wacky situation at my house. My kids are older than yours, but the sacrifices are worth it. I may write a rant about my family in another post.

  8. Hey Mr. Fish,

    Hope you didn’t get too “Nipple” and dimed in Vegas. Yes, poor Jenn. Getting poked in the coochie as she clung to the stiff pole. Sorry! Anyway, good episode. Poor Shirin. Am I the only one who thinks she actually kind of looks like a Howler Monkey? You are right, Joe is Malcom 2.0. I’m going to go out on a limb and root for Dan to win. Someone has to! And am I wrong or do they give the contestants tons more food this season? It seems like they get a food reward every time they do anything…

  9. doc: Don’t know why, but I just think that Jenn will survive this week. Maybe you’re right and Tyler and Carolyn can convince NC to flop back. Vote for Malcolm… good one! And yeah, I think there’s a lot of folks with crazy family situations, but you know you’re own always seems the craziest…

    kinb: There you are, girl! Yeah, a day does’t go by without me seeing some nipples, so I can’t complain about that. My big gambling excursion was playing poker at Wynn and getting up from the table down only $6. I usually lose it all, so I felt like a winner this time! And way to go with all the sexual innuendo in your comment. I like to see that! Howler Monkey? Hmm…yes, now I see it… I’m not a fan of Dan winning, but you never know how things switch up at the end.

    So here’s my big question: Now that RealitySteve posted the link to the returning players being asked to come back on a future season, should I openly discuss it, or get through this season? I know some people don’t like any kind of spoilers in Survivor, so I’m conflicted… Let me know your thoughts, everyone. I’ll tweet my request too.

    Talk to you guys in a few days.

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