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The episode starts off with Skupin giving us the same old, same old, “I’m relieved” routine. He’s relieved to still be around, even though he didn’t get one vote to leave. He was pleased to see that the votes were split between Jeff and Pete, because both of them had been loud-mouthed enthusiasts about getting out the returning players. Even with how loud the people are being about that aspect, they still aren’t living up to it, seeing as how both Penner and Skupin are still around. And, I’m sure if Russell didn’t suck it up for his tribe, he might even still be around, as well.

Oh, and I guess we got our answer as to why Penner voted for Abi. He was pissed! Uh, ok. Pissed about what? That there was a Plan B? I think I’m still lost as to why he voted for her. Sure, he justifies it by saying that even if he had voted for Pete, it would have only been a tie, but still, why would you vote for Abi? Why were you pissed to the point where you would vote for Abi, instead of voting for Pete, like everyone in your alliance did, and planned to do all along? Nobody in his alliance talked about switching their votes at tribal (at least from what we saw), so what is this Plan B you are talking about? I had been waiting this whole week to see if we’d catch an answer as to why he voted the way he did, but I’m left still as confused as I was before even after getting that answer. Oh well. I guess, secretly, Penner just wanted Jeff gone, still because he knew Jeff would always be a threat to join alliances with the Tandang group to vote Penner out.

And, just as Lisa showed signs of interest in playing the game, she’s about to back out again. She’s so grateful that Malcolm isn’t pissed at her, and that he’s being nice to her (it’s a game, Lisa, these people still need your vote if you’re on the jury), which makes her second guess her cruel nature she had dug deep to find. And, if Malcolm didn’t do a good enough job destroying that aspect of her soul, Penner takes a stab at her and actually makes her cry. He talks to her about her past, her childhood, and how she always felt she had to be a pleaser, and to live up to her TV persona. Look, I get it, people want to cry about how they lost their youth because they were on TV and felt the need to stay thin, or always try and be funny, and beautiful or whatever have you. I don’t want to hear it. You spent your entire youth doing something people are literally dying to spend their lives doing. Nobody held a gun to your head and told you that you need to feel like you need to stay beautiful, thin, and funny. You chose that lifestyle. If you didn’t like it, you could have quit acting and become an inside sales rep for some crappy ball bearings wholesale company. See how much you regretted your life then. I’m tired of these Hollywood people always releasing these boo-hoo sob stories about how their lives sucked, and how making millions of dollars was the worst thing that ever happened to them. Come live my life, barely making it paycheck to paycheck, never being able to take vacations or venture outside of a 25-mile radius of the city you live in, and tell me that your life was so terrible because you felt the need to wear makeup every time you left the house and that you couldn’t eat that fourth White Castle you so wanted to eat.

Anyway, I apologize for that. I get a little testy when it’s after midnight and all I want to do is either drink that soda in the fridge or just go to sleep.

We head on over to the reward challenge, where the winners are going to get the opportunity to spend the day in a village, as Survivor Ambassadors, giving school supplies to the local village. I was happy to see that everyone seemed genuinely excited for this reward, because giving back to those in need is something we should feel happy about doing. We don’t realize how great we have it here in America until we see the hardships that these people go through in other countries, so I was happy to see that everyone took to this reward as they should. No need for me to have to blast someone! Except for maybe Abi, since she didn’t even get picked!!! As bad of a person as she is, I’d think she might actually have been a better choice than Lisa for this challenge. Her face is looking kind of ranky these days, a mud facial might have done her some good.

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  1. Terrific recap, Scott.

    Penner is brilliantly playing on Lisa’s newfound realization that she’s one of those people (child actors, first-generation Americans/Canadians, children of alcoholics / addicts / abusive parents / etc.) who “lost” their childhood by being placed in the role of caretaker / supporter / protector of their family / parents / siblings.
    I believe her when she says that she feels that the 39 days on Survivor may be more important (to her) than the previous 39 years of her life.
    Dear, sweet Lisa. Here’s hoping, once you’ve mourned your “lost” childhood and have worked through discovering your “new” identity, you’ll realize that no one had a “normal” childhood. Everyone feels that, as a child, they were burdened with unrealistic expectations, the need to please, and/or challenges that somehow damaged their soul or robbed them of their innocence.
    I’m just hoping Penner doesn’t end up breaking Lisa’s heart by playing on her emotionality.
    I can’t stand Ali – what an ugly personality that girl has! Pete rubs me the wrong way and I hope he’s the next to go. Carson won’t have to be voted out – if he loses any more weight, he’ll simply disappear.
    Denise is still my favourite & wish we would have seen more of her this episode; but since she’s flying under the radar I guess there wasn’t much to see.
    I’m also fond of Malcolm. His social game is awesome and he’s very likeable.
    Penner and Skupin are both starting to grow on me.
    One thing I can’t figure out about the ITMs. Why is it that they interview some people while they’re sitting in the water (Lisa and Malcolm in this episode) while others are interviewed on dry ground? It’s just seems weird to me.
    I was fast asleep during last week’s show, so missed what was probably a really good episode. 🙁 But this episode was pretty darned good and I’m well and truly hooked on the show to the bitter end.
    Cheers to Scott & to my fellow Survivor fans!

  2. Penner was certainly playing Lisa like a fiddle, but I also hope that she finds some closure with this experience. She seems like a really nice person (especially because she was raised as a Hollywood child actor).

    I don’t know if I agree that Lisa has a better chance with Abi, Pete, et al. I think that might be my heart talking because I would rather have almost anyone win except Abi or Pete – but if those two go next, the show might get boring (to be honest).

    But I am still in the Malcolm/Denise camp and hope one of those two can pull it out after being in such a lousy tribe to begin with. The other two tribes never had to play the game for about two weeks!

    I seriously think that Abi has a personality disorder and will walk into the final thinking she did nothing wrong. And I certainly pray no one takes her to the final three because she would definitely be easy to beat . . . .but I REALLY want to watch her head explode when she is voted out.

    Great recap – thanks!

  3. This definitely one of the better seasons of Survivor in a long time! Artis’ farewell speech was classy and I think he along with Jeff will vote for the best player rather than out of revenge. Although it may be smart to take Abi to the the end, I can’t take her anymore! She needs to go for my sanity! Blindside her and the drama will be great! I can even see her interrupting tribal while being on jury! I am rooting for Malcolm and Denise! They are playing smart games so far!

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